Age of Heroes IV: Blood and Twilight

Publisher: Nomoc Publishing

Developer: Qplaze

Category: Strategy

Release Dates

Electronic - 08/01/2007

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Announce of the new game from QplazeR   - Age of Heroes IV: Blood and Twilight
There are immortal legends and stories – but heroes are mortal.


There are immortal legends and stories – but heroes are mortal. Death always tells, and only bones of great armies will remain on the battlefields, and the tombs of great lords will be covered with weed. All are equal in the end, killers will join their victims, and lions will lie near the lambs.

But there is a story of heroes overcoming death.

You will know about passion and thirst exceeding everything man can feel, about the fate of those who deceived Death itself.
You will know how Undead think and feel.

You will have to participate in the last journey of those who were elves – out of new kingdom of orcs, to a far north, going by barbarian settlements and valleys of mighty wizards, through undergrounds of ancient races and heated rifts of demons, to white fire of the inquisitors of man’s empires, and sharp blades of their paladins – searching the place for dead in the world of living ones.


  • Now heroes don’t travel alone, but in parties. All heroes have unique set of skills and ability to pass to another class;
  • Ability to choose the sex and the class of hero;
  • Unique armies and racial skills of the Undead. 15 new units, majority of them have special characteristics;
  • Yet again battle system is renewed. Battles become more dynamic, new tactical abilities are added, the balance of the armies had changed;
  • Magical system has been changed. Magic plays great role in the battle, some conjurations have great destructive effect;
  • Magic of illusions appeared in the game, allowing to take enemy’s troops under control, and make your troops invisible;
  • The heroes vision on the strategic map is limited by the “Fog of war”;
  • For using of magic and raising of new troops soul stones are used, derivable from killed enemies;
  • Enemies with demonic, elemental and holy magic withstand heroes;
  • Units-magicians (as liches) will be able to use magic by themselves;
  • Lots of new artifacts and necessary objects;
  • Interface is reworked and improved, interactive cursor is added, decorative appearance is completely changed;
  • Graphics is completely reworked and improved – new land, forests, caves and ice deserts are waiting for you;
  • Exciting not linear story with two possible endings, lots of different tasks and quests;
  • Communication between heroes in the party, talks with enemies and friends – more than 40 kilobytes of the text.