Miner 2049er

Publisher: Magmic Games

Category: Action

Release Dates

Electronic - 06/07/2007

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1984's Video Game of the Year Goes Mobile
Magmic's new Miner 2049er is two games in one. Can you dig it?


Help Bounty Bob trail a dangerous desperado into an abandoned uranium mine loaded with hazardous radioactive wastes, deadly mutant organisms, and a whole minefield of dangers and tasks to perform-plus the deadline pressure of a ticking time clock that could end your life at any moment. Complete each stage by stepping on every inch of the area to change its colour and claim it as your own. Avoid those pesky radioactive creatures scattered about, or grab some mining gear and be rid of them.

There are ten screens in both the original and updated modes of Miner 2049er. It's not impossible to cover every inch of the mine, but it's not easy either. As Bounty Bob digs deeper into the caverns, the radioactive mutants multiply. Plus, you'll have to navigate elements like elevators, slides, and vats of deadly waste if you want to succeed.

The controls in this history-making game are simple yet responsive; even casual gamers can skip the instructions. Levels are well varied and each is designed to promote strategy and tactic-oriented thinking. In order to clear the later boards, for instance, gamers must decide whether it's time to grab some gear or take off down a slide.


  • Two different modes featuring vastly different adventures: Classic Mode: the original Miner 2049er in all its glory; and, Modern Mode: new graphics, levels, and brilliant, simple game play.
  • Simple Controls: all aspects of grabbing, climbing, sliding and neutralizing radioactive enemies can be achieved with one button plus the direction pad.
  • New hazards such as Radioactive Waste, Pulverizers, Acid Rain, Moving Platforms, Suction Tubes, Gravity Lifts, Utility Hoists, and Transporters.
  • Networked High Scores: Players can challenge friends to post scores and participate in an online community that spans the globe.
  • Beautiful 2D graphics, transitions and special effects.
  • The original theme music, "Clementine."

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