Kojak - Detective Puzzles

Publisher: Ojom GmbH

Developer: Ojom GmbH

Category: Classics/Puzzles

Release Dates

Electronic - 08/06/2007

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This game contains all the classic elements of 70s Cop Show, you can engage in high speed pursuit of suspects in a car chase, put together an identikit image of a known criminal or visit a crime scene to gather evidence. You can even track down a suspect using a phone tap, an essential tool of any respectable 70s private eye or police detective. You will need to be streetwise and tough if you are to track down the suspects, but once you've put together all the leads you can bust the case wide open and make an arrest.

The game is focused around a set of logic puzzles and live action levels that combine to create a feeling of being back in the 1970s fighting crime the old fashioned way. The backdrop and scenery to the game even evokes the period, right down to the detail of the phone tapping equipment that features a wooden frame and an instrument panel made up of dials.