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Developer: Ken Ng

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Turbo Tennis Review

Turbo Tennis is the latest mobile game from Bellrock Media. Presenting a quirky cast of characters and goofy Mario Tennis-esque power-ups, Turbo Tennis looks to offer an alternative to the drab pro-tennis offerings found on the mobile platform. Unfortunately, a ton of problems and a lack of features keep it from being an alternative, and makes it one you’re just as well to avoid.

Turbo Tennis’s strengths lay mainly in its roster. Among the characters that you can play as or against are Granny, Huj Hirihito (a sumo wrestler), Heavy Metal Mike and so on. Some of these characters are pretty obvious sight gags, while there are some fairly esoteric ones, like “Nihilist Nadia”.

Turbo Tennis does things quite a bit differently than other tennis games. For starters, the matches go to seven points. Also, you can use weapons and special items during matches, which I doubt factors into real tennis rules. You can pick them up once they randomly appear on your side of the net, and then use them to get the upper hand against your opponent.

The game has two actual game modes, Quickmatch (where you play as a random character against another random character for an exhibition match), and Tournament, which pits you against a series of other characters one after another.

However, that’s about the end of the diversity in Turbo Tennis. Other than those two modes, there’s really nothing to the game. However, that wouldn’t really be an issue if the gameplay mechanics were good, right?

Unfortunately, the game doesn’t play very well at all. The controls are unresponsive, leading to a lot of missed shots when there shouldn’t be. Also, moving your character around the court is a chore, as they tend to “skate” around quickly like they’re on ice, which can be pretty frustrating.

Graphically, the game doesn’t fare much better. The courts are all pretty drab, and the character sprites are very small and not very animated, even for a Java game. The sound is pretty barebones, with some snippets of music, applause from the crowd, and tennis balls hitting the court making up the whole presentation.

Turbo Tennis is a light and casual tennis game, and as a result is was made for the casual audience. However, with light features and bad controls, it’s simply not worth it for even the casual set.

Review Scoring Details for Turbo Tennis

Gameplay: 4.5
The game offers some interesting characters and some special abilities, but the cast has no skill sets to separate each of them from each other. The controls are a chore, floating your player across the court like they were on ice.

Graphics: 5.0
Not the best looking game on mobile, Turbo Tennis lose much of its aesthetic charms with plain courts and sprites that are too small and not terribly well animated.

Sound: 4.0
Occasional applause and the thwack of the tennis racket, Turbo Tennis doesn’t really have a whole lot of sound effects to it. The theme music cuts out and hiccups for some unknown reason.

Difficulty: Medium

Concept: 4.5
A quirky cartoon cast can’t save this from lousy gameplay.

Overall: 4.5
With uninspired play and virtually no extra features, Turbo Tennis isn’t really worth it.

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Not even a kooky cast can save Turbo Tennis from floaty and unresponsive controls and a weak feature set.

Reviewer: Steven Hopper

Review Date: 05/14/2007

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