Publisher: Telcogames

Developer: Telcogames

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Electronic - 07/04/2007

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Flexis Extreme Review

The original Flexis was an interesting puzzler that used physics in a way that no other puzzler had before it. Flexis was very much like Columns for the Sega Genesis, in that you had to match 3 or more of the same colored blocks in order to progress. However, the unique twist was that the game’s blocks would fall as though they were actually being pulled by gravity and instead of rotating at perfect 90 degree angles, they would flop around, knocking into other blocks and freeing them up to be removed.

Flexis was a unique and innovative puzzle game that met with a lot of critical and commercial acclaim. Now, the sequel, Flexis Extreme, is now releasing across mobile phones and providing just as much fun as the original game. While the gameplay experience isn’t as innovative or groundbreaking as the original game, puzzler fans and casual gamers should definitely check it out if they missed the first Flexis.

Flexis Extreme takes the gameplay of the original and makes a few changes that affect the gameplay. New to the formula are two new block pieces, one that helps and one that hinders. There are now indestructible blocks that add some degree of difficulty to the mix, and there’s also explosive blocks that will fall and clear out a bunch of blocks in their path.

Additionally, Flexis Extreme offers up some brand new game modes and levels to play through. There is a new mission mode that has you playing through the game’s fifty stages, a Marathon mode that has you playing for as long as you can without losing, and a Classic mode, that works as the original game, with you playing for points until the you get a game over.

While Flexis Extreme introduces a ton of new levels to the mix, the experience can get a bit repetitious after a while. Most of the stages only offer subtle changes as you go through the Mission mode, like a couple new indestructible blocks added here and there, but not much complexity introduced.

Graphically, the game is what you’d expect from a mobile puzzler, as in it’s not much to look at, but does what it’s supposed to. The blocks are well animated thanks to some impressive physics, and the game should be able to run on a good number of cell phones. The game has some decent music, with a few MIDI-fied tracks lining out the score, but no other sound effects to speak of.

Flexis Extreme is a great puzzle game that builds on the original, but doesn’t really mess with the formula too much. If you’re a puzzle fan who didn’t take the plunge with the original Flexis, then you should definitely give Extreme a look.

Review Scoring Details for Flexis Extreme

Gameplay: 8.5
The controls feel much cleaner than the original Flexis, and the gameplay can be pretty engaging, albeit a little too repetitive.

Graphics: 6.0
Not much to look at, Flexis Extreme has a pretty barebones aesthetic, not unlike other mobile puzzle games out there. Fortunately, this means that the game could run on any number of phones.

Sound: 7.0
Flexis Extreme has a decent MIDI-fied soundtrack, but no other real sound effects to speak of.

Difficulty: Easy

Concept: 7.5
The game offers some nice improvements over its predecessor, but doesn’t feel that much different.

Overall: 8.0
While not wildly removed from the original Flexis, Flexis Extreme adds some nice new improvements, including tighter controls, new blocks and tons more levels to play through. 

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The sequel to the popular puzzle game gets some nice improvements to the formula.

Reviewer: Steven Hopper

Review Date: 07/09/2007

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