July 23, 2007


JoWooD Productions Software AG and digital infrastructure provider, VeriSign, are happy to announce Gothic 3 – The Beginning“ for mobile systems. The popular role playing game will be ready for mobile gamers at the beginning of 2008. HandyGames™, with their extensive experience in programming mobile phone games, have been chosen to develop Gothic – The Beginning. We are looking forward to delivering another great Gothic Story to gamers around the world. Have a look at the first known features:


  • Visit various locations in Khorinis and Tirith

  • Chat with NPCs to find clues in your adventure and trade with merchants to gain the best equipment for your journey

  • Fight against hundreds of monsters and develop your skills to be able to use stronger armour and weapons

  • Learn how to use long banned magic to gain enough power to accomplish your tasks

  • Find valuable treasures and pieces of equipment or take them from your conquered enemies

  • Pry locks and chests open to find rare treasures

Auto-save feature at checkpoints throughout the game allows players to continue their adventure at any time

Developer: HandyGames Release: Q1 2008

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Gothic 3: The Beginning (MB)