My Little Flufties

Publisher: Lexicon

Publisher 2: N3VRF41L

Developer: DK Games


Category: Simulation

Release Dates

Intl - 08/01/2007

N Amer - 08/14/2007

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    Also available on:
  • PC
  • PS2


My Little Flufties Trailer
G-Stars und Lexicon Entertainment present a new My Little Flufties Trailer.

My Little Flufties – An Enchanting Experience
Lexicon Entertainment is pleased to announce the signing of – My Little Flufties,


The Flufties has been thought to become future stars of playgrounds. Nice, attaching, malicious, amusing, the children and the parents like the creatures. Intended for the children from 4 to 8 years, "My Little Flufties" offers an intuitive playability as well as an enchanting universe worthy of an interactive cartoon. With a catch in easy hand of the play, the child will be able to play without the assistance of his parents.


  • Cute, colourful and appealing cartoon styled graphics.
  • 5 adorable species/creatures to care for and all fully animated.
  • A delightful and fascinating fairy tale world that will captivate young minds.
  • 5 exciting bonus games: Fish-o-matic, Hopscotch, Mole-o-matic, Shoot-the balloons and Find the Tweet-Tweet.
  • Huge Replayabilty.
  • Rewards to keep young minds focused.
  • Statistics and help screens.
  • Calm and relaxing ambience, with 25 minutes of orchestral music.

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