Pet Alien

Publisher: The Game Factory

Developer: Shin’nen


Category: Classics/Puzzles

Release Dates

N Amer - 07/30/2007

Intl - 09/14/2007

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The Game Factory Announces Pet Alien Game for Nintendo
First Pet Alien Game for Nintendo DS Platform Scheduled for Global Release


adolescent Earthling named Tommy Cadle, whose life is turned upside down after the arrival of his new alien friends, Gumpers, Dinko, Swanky, Flip and Scruffy. When Tommy is kidnapped by the evil Robotix, Gumpers and friends have to battle through space using their unique alien agility, brains, brawn and speed to rescue their human friend.

In a global publishing deal between The Game Factory, Taffy Entertainment and games studio SHIN’EN, the creators have developed a new 3D Nintendo DS technology to meticulously bring to life Pet Alien’s uniquely combined look of ‘squash and stretch’ 3D CGI and 2D animated aesthetics – all in the palm of your hand.


  • Playing 5 aliens in over 80 levels set inside a giant robotic spaceship
  • Using the unique abilities of all five Pet Aliens to fight and puzzle to win Tommy’s rescue!
  • Exploring in four different themed environments on the gigantic robotic spaceship: Commando Bridge, Hangar, Laboratory and Engine Room.
  • Enjoying fully 3D, tilted top-down gaming
  • Conquering five challenging bosses: A frantic frog, a buggy bug, a farting turtle, an aimless spider and finally a Spanish fly on wheels.
  • Taking on 5 stylus-driven mini-games
  • Playing in adventure and Bonus modes containing an unlockable Jukebox and Photo Gallery

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Reviewer: Dylan Platt

Review Date: 06/21/2007

A forgettable CG cartoon lends its license to this forgettable DS action/puzzler

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