Bratz Ponyz

Publisher: The Game Factory

Developer: Neko Entertainment


Category: Simulation

Release Dates

N Amer - 07/30/2007

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Have a chance to participate in prestigious Ponyz Town beauty pageant: ‘Passion for Fashion’. This competition takes place over a year and will give you the chance to develop your artistic talent through a series of challenges based around fashion and beauty. In addition, between each challenge you are completely free to explore the islands. Meet the inhabitants and become friends with them and participate in a certain number of activities which will allow you to warn numerous objects. These will help you win more easily the challenges in the competition.


  • Incarnate one of the 8 Bratz Ponyz, and change Ponyz during the game
  • Participate in the prestigious ‘Passion for Fashion’ competition which will develop your passion for fashion through numerous mini-games.
  • Take care of your Ponyz: hairstyle, make-up, jewellery and accessory creation, tattoo workshop, etc. and develop your artistic talents.
  • Shop in Ponyz Town and collect everything related to fashion.
  • Freely explore the Ponyz archipelago and discover numerous surprises.
  • Natural and intuitive game play, using all the DS specificities.
  • Numerous mini-games integrated into the adventure for complete immersion in the universe.
  • Compare your Ponyz and exchange objects with your friends via Wi Fi.

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