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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
by EA Games

GP Rating:

About as much fun as getting cursed

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Brain Buster Puzzle Pak
Proof that if you wrap a popular puzzle game with four other unknown games, you can have a decent title
07/16/2007 7.0 7.0
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
About as much fun as getting cursed
07/16/2007 5.3 4.9
Nervous Brickdown
An excellent and ridiculously diverse collection of brand-new games that were inspired by the brick-blasting, ball-bouncing games of the 80s
07/16/2007 8.3 7.2
B-17 Fortress in the Sky
B-17 has potentially good ideas but is sorely lacking in most aspects and feels like an incomplete game
07/11/2007 5.0 4.5
Cookie & Cream
Innovation is both a gift and a burden when it comes to Cookie & Cream for the Nintendo DS
07/10/2007 7.0 7.6
Hoshigami Remix
A decent addition to the DS’s small but growing selection of tactical RPGs
07/10/2007 6.8 5.8
For casual gamers seeking virtual checkers, solitaire, and other simple board and Web games, this might be enough. But for the rest of us, TouchMaster isn’t worth touching
07/09/2007 5.9 6.6
Ratatouille is a decent platform game based on a movie
07/03/2007 6.5 6.5
Transformers does a decent job on the DS by utilizing the system’s online capabilities.
06/29/2007 7.5 7.1
Transformers does a decent job on the DS by utilizing the system’s online capabilities.
06/29/2007 7.5 7.5
Marvel Trading Card Game
True Believers will be in for a pleasant surprise with the Marvel Trading Card Game for the Nintendo DS. Unfortunately the surprise is a big letdown for owners of the DS
06/26/2007 5.3 6.2
It’s a sudoku fighting game. Yeah, you read that right
06/26/2007 7.7 6.7
Time Ace
Who knew time travel could be so dull?
06/25/2007 5.5 5.5
Pet Alien
A forgettable CG cartoon lends its license to this forgettable DS action/puzzler
06/21/2007 5.9 6.3
Etrian Odyssey
For those in search of rough battles that could leave you in tears, Etrian Odyssey could be your favorite handheld game since Pokemon
06/19/2007 7.1 7.3
Planet Puzzle League
Instant mainstream and hardcore gamer appeal. Planet Puzzle League is a game that any puzzle fan will thoroughly enjoy
06/19/2007 8.8 8.4
Dragon Ball Z Harukanaru Densetsu
Goku and the gang battle their way through an uninspired card game.
06/15/2007 5.3 6.0
Death Jr. and the Science Fair of Doom
By and large, Death Jr.’s latest foray into the gaming world isn’t enough to bring this worn-out franchise back to life
06/13/2007 6.0 5.5
Touch the Dead
George Romero wouldn’t touch this with a ten foot pole
06/08/2007 5.9 5.8
Tank Beat
So disappointing...
06/08/2007 3.1 4.1
Diner Dash
Diner Dash fits right at home on the Nintendo DS and it remains to be one of the most repetitive yet highly addictive games that shouldn’t be missed.
06/05/2007 7.2 6.4
Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End
At least it’s better than Dead Man’s Chest
06/04/2007 6.8 7.1
Spider-Man 3
From the big-screen to the small-screen
06/04/2007 8.6 8.4
Hotel Dusk: Room 215
Get drawn in to this sketchbook noir adventure.
05/31/2007 8.9 7.9