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Still Time To Get Into Fury’s Worldwide Free Preview Event This Weekend

07/27/2007 03:37:00 PM
Fury’s servers will be open for 60 hours from midday Friday July 27 and up to 200,000 log-in accounts will be issued on a first come first served basis...More


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Kuma Reality Games Announces New Kuma/War Episode Featuring Iraq Troop Surge
01/31/2007 11:15:00 PM     PC
Free “Baghdad Surge” Episode Depicts Current Military Push And Puts Gamers in the Boots of An Iraqi Solider
Introversion Teams With Microsoft For Darwinia Vista Release
01/31/2007 07:11:00 PM     PC
Windows Vista is the latest release of Microsoft Windows, due to be available to the consumer from the 30th January 2007.
DinerDash Serves Up A Fresh Batch of Handheld Screenshots
01/31/2007 05:02:00 PM     NDS.PSP
Looking for some delicious fast food action? Well look no further than Diner Dash
PLAYSTATION Store Adding Blast Factor Multiplayer Pack
01/31/2007 03:13:00 PM     PS3
Sony Computer Entertainment America will update the PLAYSTATION Store on Thursday with new gaming and entertainment content, including a new multiplayer pack for Blast Factor
SnoCross 2 Featuring “Air” Blair Morgan Flies into Retail Outlets
01/31/2007 03:05:00 PM     PS2
Crave Entertainment Delights Sledheads with PlayStation 2 SnoCross Action
Love is all Around as Erollisi Day Comes to EverQuest II
01/31/2007 02:52:00 PM     PC
Game Update #31 for EverQuest®II Now Live
NBA STREET Homecourt Demo Coming to Xbox Marketplace
01/31/2007 02:47:00 PM     360
Electronic Arts is pleased to announce that a downloadable demo of NBA STREET Homecourt for the Xbox 360 will be available on Xbox Marketplace this Friday, February 2
THQ To Bring Award-Winning Saints Row To PlayStation 3 System
01/31/2007 01:53:00 PM     PS3
Saints Row brings the hugely popular open-world genre to Sony’s new console for the first time
Spend a Minute in the City with CDV's Newest Game Trailer
01/31/2007 01:43:00 PM     PC
60-second video showcases City Life: World Edition's new features
Atari Announces Development of Godzilla: Unleashed
01/31/2007 01:13:00 PM     NDS.PSP.WII
The world's most famous monster to invade the Wii, Nintendo DS and PSP
Ubisoft Releases GRAW 2 Demo on Xbox Live
01/31/2007 12:33:00 PM     360
The new playable demo gives gamers just a taste of the explosive action, new features and amazing new graphics in GRAW 2's single player campaign, well in advance of the game's full release
Galactic Civilizations II: Dark Avatar Goes Gold
01/31/2007 12:21:00 PM     PC
Expansion to Best Turn-Based Strategy Game of the Year Off to Stores and on February 14
NAMCO BANDAI Games Announces .hack//G.U. Vol. 2: REMINISCE
01/31/2007 12:04:00 PM     PS2
Second installment of the epic Action-RPG trilogy hacks onto the PlayStation 2 this summer
Attack on Pearl Harbor Commences with First Trailer
01/31/2007 10:48:00 AM     PC
Fight for the US or Japan in Historical Air Combat Scenarios
New Website and Contest Announced for Spider-Man 3 the Game
01/31/2007 10:46:00 AM     PC.PS2.NDS.PS3.WII.360.PSP
Activision has announced that the first part of the Spider-Man 3 game website has launched which includes the opportunity to be one of the founding members of Spidey's Web
Majesco Announces ' The New York Times Crosswords,' for the Nintendo DS.
01/31/2007 10:08:00 AM     NDS
Developed by Budcat Creations, The New York Times Crosswords will challenge even the most savvy wordplay enthusiasts when it ships this spring
Ending Theme for GODS: Lands of Infinity Released
01/31/2007 09:59:00 AM     PC
Named "Song for Vivien", it sums up an uneasy fate of the game's main heroine
New Patch For Dominions 3: The Awakening
01/31/2007 09:32:00 AM     PC
Latest Patch Sure To Please Mac Users
2K Sports Announces All-Pro Football 2K8
01/31/2007 09:31:00 AM     PC.PS2.XB.PS3.360.PSP.WII
Football returns to 2K Sports line-up, giving gamers a choice after three years
Out of the Park Baseball 2007 Springs Into Life
01/31/2007 09:28:00 AM     PC
Whole new ball game for the hit baseball management simulation
New Skies, New Dynamics – Heatseeker is “Burnout with Planes”
01/31/2007 07:47:00 AM     PS2.PSP.WII
“When you think of the Hollywood treatment of air combat, it's almost like a car chase; twisting, turning, nose to tail, and we wanted to get that sense of excitement and fun into air combat.”
Voyage Century Players Will Witness The New Chapter In Its History----First Siege War.
01/31/2007 05:19:00 AM     PC
This is not a single battle but the war makes the world trembling:
GarageGames Releases Oddly Addictive New Game: Oddictive
01/30/2007 08:25:00 PM     PC
Puzzle game shows off fresh new gameplay mechanic
Official Website for Armored Core 4 Launches
01/30/2007 05:52:00 PM     360.PS3
The Website not only includes up to the minute news updates on Armored Core 4, but also features never before seen assets including screenshots, wallpapers, AIM icons and more
Dark Age of Camelot turns attention to its customers
01/30/2007 04:05:00 PM     PC
Account services and Camelot Campaign key 2007 focus
The X-File Of The Siege War Unveiled In Voyage Century
01/30/2007 03:44:00 PM     PC
Voyage Century introduces the X-File, a complete guide to magical weapons and defenses
GameStop Announces Pre-Order Program for Bullet Witch
01/30/2007 03:24:00 PM     360
Customers who pre-order Atari's upcoming third person shooter Bullet Witch at GameStop will receive an original, limited edition comic book that further explores Bullet Witch’s catastrophic world
Battlestations: Midway Ships to North American Retailers
01/30/2007 02:53:00 PM     PC.360
Battlestations: Midway releases today on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft and the PC DVD
Ubisoft Releases the GRAW 2 Gimme Danger Teaser Trailer
01/30/2007 02:31:00 PM     PC.360.PS3
Ubisoft releases the GRAW 2 "Gimme Danger” teaser trailer, rocking out with the sound of Frank Black
Ubisoft Announces Blazing Angels Secret Missions
01/30/2007 02:10:00 PM     PC.360
Scheduled for a spring 2007 release, Blazing Angels® Secret Missions is the follow-up to the squadron-based flight combat game Blazing Angels® Squadrons of WWII.
Get Urban with New City Life: World Edition Wallpapers
01/30/2007 12:46:00 PM     PC
Gamers looking to add some metropolitan flair to their desktops can now do so with several new wallpapers, courtesy of CDV Software Entertainment USA
MumboJumbo Announces LUXOR 2 and 7 Wonders of the Ancient World for Vista
01/30/2007 12:33:00 PM     PC
Two Chart-Topping Puzzlers from MumboJumbo Climb Onto Windows Vista, Only Six Other Casual Game Titles Available at Launch
Heatseeker Web Site Cleared for Takeoff
01/30/2007 12:27:00 PM     PS2.WII.PSP
Codemasters Launches Official Web Site for Highly Anticipated Heatseeker Jet Combat Game, Includes Explosive New Videos, New PSP System Details and More
Ten New Titles Approach the Xbox Live Arcade Horizon
01/30/2007 12:18:00 PM     360
Starting with the first release in February, 10 highly anticipated titles will begin making their way to Xbox Live Arcade
Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes Voyages into Retail Stores Today
01/30/2007 11:44:00 AM     PC
Rated “T” for Teen by the ESRB, the game is available for the suggested retail price of US $49.99
Midway Announces Touchmaster and Hot Brain for Handhelds
01/30/2007 11:03:00 AM     NDS.PSP
Two New Titles With Broad-Reach Appeal To Be Released This Summer For Portable Game Systems
Winter Sports Takes Gold with 10 Days to go Until Launch
01/30/2007 09:39:00 AM     PC.PS2
Oxygen Games are pleased to announce that their budding young snow title Winter Sports has gone gold and is all set for its Feb. 9 release
Oxygen Games Lets it Roll with Hard Rock Casino Videogame
01/30/2007 09:37:00 AM     PS2.PSP
Oxygen Games and Hard Rock International shake things up with all-new casino simulation with a rock 'n' roll flavor
Q&A for King of Clubs
01/30/2007 09:16:00 AM     PS2.NDS.PSP
Q&A with Bubba King (intellectual property owner) and his attorney Vincent Smith, explaining the background to Oxygen's forthcoming King of Clubs
THQ Wireless Releases LEGO Star Wars for Mobile Devices
01/30/2007 08:01:00 AM     MB
THQ Wireless Brings a Galaxy Far, Far Away as Close as a Sprint Phone with the Wireless Installment of the Best-Selling LEGO Star Wars Video Game Series
Street date set for Frontline: Fields of Thunder
01/30/2007 07:55:00 AM     PC
Paradox Interactive announced today that "Frontline – Fields of Thunder" will be shipping to stores on March 16, 2007
Rogue Galaxy Brings a Beautifully Detailed, Action-Role Playing Game Experience
01/30/2007 06:56:00 AM     PS2
Sony announced today the release of Rogue Galaxy
Myth War Unveils New Power Packs And Announces Guild War Tournament Winners!
01/30/2007 12:33:00 AM     PC
Powerful news from Myth War!
Sega Announced the Release of Comix Zone and Bonanza Bros
01/29/2007 04:40:00 PM     WII
Two classic SEGA Genesis titles now available on the Wii™ Shop Channel for download and play on Wii’s Virtual Console
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2 - Video Developer Diary 1
01/29/2007 04:06:00 PM     PC.360.PS3
Ubisoft today announces the revealing of the first in an ongoing series of video developer diaries for the upcoming Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter 2
MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & The Storm Vodcast Released
01/29/2007 03:33:00 PM     PC
Strategy First Vodcast Presents: MAKING HISTORY: The Calm & The Storm, Dale Eaglesham, and The Identity Crisis.
Run Away to Adventure with CDV's Latest Game Trailer
01/29/2007 02:55:00 PM     PC
New video availble for Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle
New GANG President - Tommy Tallarico now CEO and Chairman of Board
01/29/2007 02:46:00 PM     PC
Additional Management Changes Include Guild Founder Tommy Tallarico, as New CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors
Atlus Announces Monster Kingdom Jewel Summoner Official Website
01/29/2007 02:11:00 PM     PSP
This website is chock-full of exciting new information about this unique and innovative game
New Website Dishes Up a Full Serving of Chili Con Carnage!
01/29/2007 01:32:00 PM     PSP
The official Chili Con Carnage website is sure to make your eyes water like a habanero pepper
Midway Confirms BlackSite: Area 51 for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC
01/29/2007 01:11:00 PM     PC.360.PS3
Reality and Science Fiction Clash in Innovative First Person Shooter for Next Generation Systems and PC
Gameloft Joins Forces with the U.S. Army to Launch America’s Army: Special Operations
01/29/2007 12:33:00 PM     MB
The First Official Mobile Game of the U.S. Army 
RIP 3: The Last Hero now runs under Win Vista
01/29/2007 10:20:00 AM     PC
Elephant Games is happy to announce the updated version of RIP 3 now functioning under Win Vista.
New Patch for Space Empires V
01/29/2007 09:40:00 AM     PC
This patch will update all previous “Space Empires V” versions to v1.25.
Double Fusion Grows Network of Sports Games with UBO
01/29/2007 09:04:00 AM     PC
First Massively-Multiplayer Online Baseball Game Joins In-Game Ad Leader’s Portfolio with Dynamic Advertising and Custom Sponsorship Opportunities
Midway Announce Hour of Victory Exclusively for the Xbox 360
01/29/2007 08:00:00 AM     360
First Person Shooter Places Gamers In Pivotal Role As One of Three Expert Operatives in Cinematic Battles Across Europe and North Africa
The first Siege War of Voyage Century Online begins January 30th!
01/29/2007 04:46:00 AM     PC
Siege Wars, Kingmaking, And The Winners Of The Screenshot Competition — Only At Voyage Century Online!
THQ Ships SpongeBob SquarePants: Diner Dash for PC
01/26/2007 05:07:00 PM     PC
SpongeBob SquarePants: Diner Dash combines all of the culinary chaos of running a restaurant with the beloved characters from Bikini Bottom
CDV to Bring Paradise City to North America
01/26/2007 03:51:00 PM     PC
CDV and Sirius Games announced a publishing deal to bring Sirius’ latest action title, Paradise City, to North American shores in late summer 2007
Hasbro/Tiger: Net Jet Online Game System for Tweens
01/26/2007 03:33:00 PM     PC
Tiger Electronics, a division of Hasbro, Inc. (NYSE: HAS), today announced plans to introduce the NET JET instant-play online game system aimed at kids
Can’t Find A Next-Gen Console? The Wii / PS3 Seeker Can Help
01/26/2007 02:26:00 PM     PS3.WII
Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to find out which stores had Wii or PS3 in stock?
New Screenshots for Gain Ground, Comix Zone, and Bonanza Bros
01/26/2007 01:43:00 PM     WII
Three classic SEGA Genesis titles that will soon be available on the Wii™ Shop Channel for download and play on Wii’s Virtual Console
War Front: Turning Point Goes Gold
01/26/2007 01:22:00 PM     PC
CDV and 10TACLE STUDIOS today announced that their exciting alternate-history RTS, War Front: Turning Point, has gone gold.
Forza Motorsport 2 Confirmed for May 2007 Release
01/26/2007 12:57:00 PM     360
We are quickly approaching the launch of “Forza Motorsport 2,” the second iteration in one of the greatest racing simulator franchises of all time.
Virtual Console Shifts Up A Gear With One Of Nintendo's Best Racing Games Of All Time
01/26/2007 09:49:00 AM     WII
Racing fans are in for an extra special treat today
Nintendo DS Tops 10 Million In The Americas; Nearly 9 Sell Every Minute
01/26/2007 09:45:00 AM     NDS
20 New Games in First Quarter of 2007
UO: Kingdom Reborn unveiled at EA/Mythic event
01/26/2007 09:37:00 AM     PC
“Tile-for-tile redraw” brings a graphical upgrade to the granddaddy of the MMO genre
Ahoy! Grab your patch, your cutlass and your bottle of rum!
01/26/2007 09:31:00 AM     PC
Ahoy! Grab your patch, your cutlass and your bottle of rum!
News At Your Fingertips: AP And Nintendo Launch Wii News Channel Across Americas
01/26/2007 09:29:00 AM     WII
Instant Access, Constant Updates
Writer's Block: She's On My Team!
01/26/2007 09:28:00 AM     PC.PS2.NDS.PSP.PS3.360.XB
How a hardcore gaming girl slowly became accepted on Xbox Live and other online games
New Release Date for "Two Worlds" in Europe
01/26/2007 05:57:00 AM     PC.360
Balancing and Multiplayer Options Being Further Perfected
Left Behind Games Announces Gold Version
01/26/2007 03:58:00 AM     PC
The new LEFT BEHIND: Eternal Forces GOLD version is anticipated to include substantial enhancements from the original product
Final Launch Date Set For ‘Age Of Conan’
01/26/2007 02:03:00 AM     PC.360.PC.360
One of the most anticipated PC games in development to be released in late October
War In Paxia, Rampaging Dracomancers And Ask Zorbak Episode Seven, Only In AdventureQuest!
01/26/2007 01:46:00 AM     PC
Dangerous times are afoot in the land of AdventureQuest.
Meet Cavedays, An Action Platform Game With A Wicked Storyline That Reshapes The Stone Age!
01/25/2007 11:50:00 PM     PC
Insolita Studios make their debut on Windows and Mac with "CaveDays",
The Last of the Pin-up girls, Jessica and Rita, Christen the Voyage of the Battlestations: Midway Launch Trailer!
01/25/2007 05:15:00 PM     PC.360
It’s always important to support your troops and what better way than the sight of Jessica and Rita
New Patch Released For Dangerous Waters
01/25/2007 12:53:00 PM     PC
Strategy First and Sonalysts, Inc. are releasing patch v1.04 today for the naval simulation title “S.C.S - Dangerous Waters
Voyage Century Wishes Lovers Everywhere A Happy Valentine’s Day With A Fun New Contest!
01/25/2007 12:52:00 PM     PC
Love is in the air, and nowhere is it celebrated more than in Voyage Century Online! And now is the perfect time to join!
New Trailer Available for City Life: World Edition
01/25/2007 12:31:00 PM     PC
30-second trailer showcases new content and gameplay
So You Want to Be a Rock and Roll Star?
01/25/2007 11:59:00 AM     PC
Build Your Band, Write the Songs, and Score That Elusive Recording Contract
Sam & Max Episode 3 Launches on GameTap Today!
01/25/2007 11:41:00 AM     PC
Today GameTap launches “The Mole, The Mob, and the Meatball,”
GameTap Announces Launch Date, International Plans and New Age for Myst Online: Uru Live
01/25/2007 10:35:00 AM     PC
GameTap Announces Launch Date, International Plans and New Age for Myst Online: Uru Live
Paradise City, the city that never sleeps…
01/25/2007 09:53:00 AM     PC
We are pleased to introduce 8 unreleased ingame screenshots of Paradise City
TrackMania United Video Webisode One Roars Out Of The Gate
01/25/2007 09:20:00 AM     PC
Focus Home Interactive and Nadeo are pleased to present the first of five TrackMania United webisodes
War Rock Open Beta Shutdown Jan 31 to Prepare for Feb 7 Launch
01/25/2007 09:11:00 AM     PC
Servers will “Temporary Cease Fire” as War Rock prepares for commercial launch
mtvU and Kaiser Family Foundation Launch Search For Best Video Game Concept to Reduce Spread of HIV/AIDS
01/25/2007 09:07:00 AM     PC
“Change the Course of HIV Challenge”
Disney Unveils Innovative Unique Features for the Highly Anticipated Video Game Spectrobes
01/25/2007 07:24:00 AM     NDS
Code Input Cards, Wireless Gameplay and Downloadable Content To Revolutionize Experience on NDS
Turbine and Midway Unveil Revolutionary Pre-Order Founder's Program for The Lord of The Rings Online
01/25/2007 07:07:00 AM     PC
Highly-Anticipated MMO Currently Scheduled to Launch on April 24, 2007
dtp Confirms Development Of Black Mirror 2
01/25/2007 06:20:00 AM     PC
Adventure gamers can look forward to a sequel toone of the most successful games in the genre:
Breakpoint Enters The World Of The Witcher
01/25/2007 05:58:00 AM     PC.MB
Breakpoint, is going to bring the Witcher to mobile phones
"Red Jets" Combat Video Game for the PC Is Shipping to Retailers
01/25/2007 03:56:00 AM     PC
“Red Jets,”is a 3D combat jet plane game inspired by the Cold War conflict
The Burnout Dominator Website Explodes Online
01/24/2007 05:57:00 PM     PS2.PSP
Clueless about boost-chaining, signature shortcuts or the all-new Maniac mode?
Wild Hare Entertainment Signs Air Battles: Sky Defender
01/24/2007 01:27:00 PM     PC
There are only two types of Aircraft – fighters and targets
Majesco Announces 'Toon-Doku' for the DS
01/24/2007 12:59:00 PM     NDS
Puzzle Game Adds Images and Multiplayer to the Popular Numbers Pastime
Microsoft Announces Tenchu Z for Xbox 360
01/24/2007 12:22:00 PM     360
The Xbox 360 exclusive developed by FromSoftware will maintain the legend of the “Tenchu” franchise through more than 50 stealth ninja missions set in ancient Japan
New Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle Wallpapers Available
01/24/2007 12:11:00 PM     PC
The two wallpapers will add a splash of color and flair to any desktop
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes US and European Pre-Release Event at iGames Game Centers
01/24/2007 11:54:00 AM     PC
Get Early Access to the Highly Anticipated MMORPG Published by Sony Online Entertainment Early Game Play Available At Pre-Release Premiere, Saturday January 27, 2007
Wii Lineup For First Quarter 2007 Expands Nintendo's Global Phenomenon
01/24/2007 11:23:00 AM     WII
Fans Will Find Dozens of New and Classic Games Everyone Can Play
New Details for 9th Expansion for City of Heroes/City of Villains, Breakthrough
01/24/2007 11:05:00 AM     PC
NCsoft Europe proudly brings you the the ninth free expansion to the City of Heroes® universe, introducing an entirely new level of depth and gameplay to the franchise
Final Fantasy XII Cosplay Contest
01/24/2007 11:04:00 AM     PS2
Square Enix Ltd. today announces an exclusive Cosplay competition to celebrate the launch of its forthcoming FINAL FANTASY XII in Europe
TAC Releases 6 Screenshots for THE SACRED RINGS
01/24/2007 11:03:00 AM     PC
A new selection of screenshots for the Adventure Company’s visually stunning point-and-click adventure game
Funcom Releases The First Official Directx 10 Video For Age Of Conan
01/24/2007 10:02:00 AM     PC
New video and screenshots showing DirectX 10 graphics
EA Mythic Announces 2007 Fan Gatherings for Dark Age of Camelot and Ultima Online
01/24/2007 09:02:00 AM     PC
"DAoC" and "UO" Hit the Road to Unite MMO Fans Across the U.S.A.
Julia, a criminologist in Artematica!
01/24/2007 08:59:00 AM     PC
Artematica is pleased to announce that our next adventure will star another famous character
America's Army Surpasses 8 Million Users
01/24/2007 08:49:00 AM     PC
America’s Army registered players have logged over 3 billion player rounds and nearly 200 million player hours.
It's Time To Explore The Entire World Of Voyage Century
01/24/2007 04:06:00 AM     PC
It’s time to put down that hammer, throw away your shopkeeper’s apron, and go explore the world of Voyage Century Online!
Xfire Announces “Xfire Debate Club”
01/23/2007 09:48:00 PM     PC
Leaders from WowInsider, World of Raids, TavernCast and Curse Gaming To Discuss World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade
Myth War Unleashes Titan Pets And Announces Knowledge Competition Prize Winners
01/23/2007 02:53:00 PM     PC
Be on the lookout for the Sand Giant, Chaotic Devil, Chaos Devil, Demon Dragon and Ghastly Dragon
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Shatters Day-1 Sales Record
01/23/2007 02:08:00 PM     PC
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade has broken the day-one sales record to become the fastest-selling PC game ever in North America and Europe
“Trioncube” Brings a Plethora of Perplexing Puzzles to the Nintendo DS
01/23/2007 01:50:00 PM     NDS
“In Trioncube players can really sense the feeling of a chain reaction.”
2K Sports To Host NHL 2K7 All-Star Challenge Finals
01/23/2007 01:15:00 PM     PS2.360.PS3.XB
2K Sports To Host NHL 2K7 All-Star Challenge Finals presented by the All-New 2007 Dodge Nitro At 55th NHL All-Star Game
EA Turns Casual Gaming into On-the-Go Fun with Pogo Island
01/23/2007 01:11:00 PM     NDS
Five Puzzle Favorites from Debut on the Nintendo DS
Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman's Mine Awarded
01/23/2007 01:07:00 PM     PC
Himalaya Studios’ “Al Emmo and the Lost Dutchman’s Mine” is the Best Indie Game of 2006
Mysteries Unveiled with the Fourth Webisode for Spectrobes
01/23/2007 01:06:00 PM     NDS
The mysterious stranger finally speaks and reveals secrets behind the Spectrobes and the evil Krawl in the fourth webisode for Spectrobes, Disney’s highly anticipated anime-inspired action/role playing game for the Nintendo DS
SEGA Announces Crush for the PSP
01/23/2007 01:05:00 PM     PSP
Think Swiftly, Think Unconventionally, Think Crush
Exclusive Dreamlords Comic to be Released Online
01/23/2007 12:46:00 PM     PC
The storyline will be based on the upcoming online MMOG Dreamlords and provide helpful game play hints as well as a good laugh
2K Announces Sid Meier’s Pirates! Now Available for the PSP
01/23/2007 12:45:00 PM     PSP
Award-winning swashbuckler title makes its debut in the handheld game space
Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment Presents Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal
01/23/2007 12:38:00 PM     360.WII
Features all-time favorite characters in a wild action-adventure videogame on the Xbox 360 and Wii
Sid Meier's Railroads!-inspired Aircraft Wins Award at Annual Flugtag Event
01/23/2007 12:23:00 PM     PC
Sid Meier's Railroads! marks the return of the watershed title in simulation/strategy gaming that launched the popular “tycoon” genre, and inspired a new generation of games
Kuma Games Invites Gamers to Design an Upcoming First Person Shooter Map
01/23/2007 12:18:00 PM     PC
Submissions Accepted Through February 2, 2007; Winning Map to be Published at
The Legend of Heroes III: Song of the Ocean and Inuyasha: Secret of the Divine Jewel Ship
01/23/2007 12:05:00 PM     NDS.PSP
Playing is Believing When These New Role-Playing Games Hit Store Shelves
K2 Network to Bring to Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada North America and Europe
01/23/2007 11:42:00 AM     PC
Sword Of The New World: Granado Espada for the PC Is the Only Fantasy MMORPG To Offer the Ability to Control Multiple Characters Simultaneously
winSPMBT Version 3.0 Thunders Onto The Battlefield
01/23/2007 10:18:00 AM     PC
New Upgrade Absolutely Packed With Enhancements
Nintendo's Interactive Novel Puts Players In The Middle Of A Mystery
01/23/2007 10:12:00 AM     NDS
Femme Fatales and Shady Bellboys Bring This 'Video Game Book' to Life
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Early Access to Live Servers Begins Friday, January 26th
01/23/2007 10:03:00 AM     PC
Sony Sigil Games Online announced today that early access for "Vanguard: Saga of Heroes" will commence Jan. 26
Big Kahuna Words To Be Released In Stores
01/23/2007 09:17:00 AM     PC
Merscom And Reflexive Team Up To Release Popular Word Adventure Game
Polarbits Raging Thunder Named Best Driving Game Of 2006
01/23/2007 07:56:00 AM     MB
Polarbits Raging Thunder Named Best Driving Game Of 2006
I-Play Breaks Ricochet Out Of The PC And Onto Phones Everywhere
01/23/2007 04:11:00 AM     MB
I-play today announced the global launch of Ricochet: Lost Worlds on mobile phones
Europa Universalis III Makes Retail Appearance
01/23/2007 02:08:00 AM     PC
Recognized global publisher Paradox Interactive announced today that their much awaited flagship title, Europa Universalis III, has shipped to stores in North America with Europe to follow
Virtua Fighter Goes Gold for PS3
01/22/2007 05:27:00 PM     PS3
SEGA announced today that Virtua Fighter 5 for the Sony PS3 has officially gone gold and will release in North America on February 20, 2007
S2 Games Presents Long-Awaited New Video for Savage 2: A Tortured Soul
01/22/2007 05:15:00 PM     PC
Teaser Video Brings Brief Reprieve for Tortured Souls Awaiting PC Game’s Release
CDV Unveils City Life: World Edition Official Web Site
01/22/2007 05:00:00 PM     PC
The new site contains gameplay info and other assets for the upcoming sequel to the critically-acclaimed city-builder, City Life
Atari Expands Line-Up of Dragon Ball Z Handheld Games
01/22/2007 02:42:00 PM     NDS.PSP
Exciting Variety of Gameplay for DBZ Fans with Shin Budokai: Another Road and Harukanaru Densetsu
Ubisoft Accelerates Driver Franchise into New Territory
01/22/2007 01:51:00 PM     PSP
Ubisoft to Launch All-New Driver 76 on the PSP March 2007
Classic Zelda Game Announced For Wii Shop Channel
01/22/2007 10:12:00 AM     WII
Nintendo adds one of the most popular games in its library of classics to the Wii™ video game system's Wii Shop Channel.
Voyage Through Space, Conquer The Star Kingdom And Become The Next Star King!
01/22/2007 03:28:00 AM     PC
ApeZone is proud to announce today the release of Starship Kingdom
KOEI Announces Ship Date Fatal Inertia and BladeStorm: The Hundred Years’ War
01/19/2007 05:00:00 PM     360.PS3
Combat Racing and Action Games for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 Get New Release Dates
First Official Trailer Revealed for Chili Con Carnage
01/19/2007 04:54:00 PM     PSP
The spiciest handheld action game of all time will now officially be burning up store shelves throughout North America this Spring
SouthPeak Interactive Announces Two Worlds for Xbox 360
01/19/2007 04:53:00 PM     360
Genre-defining Role-Playing Game Set For Release This Spring
New Virtua Tennis 3 Assets and Details
01/19/2007 04:42:00 PM     PSP.360.PS3
Virtua Tennis 3 will be available on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PSP on March 20, 2007
Writers' Block: Wii First-Person Shooters: Good Idea, Bad Idea?
01/19/2007 01:11:00 PM     WII
... if you’re going to make a Wii FPS, it must have motion controls. It must function as a mouse and keyboard replacement. 
Criminals on High Alert as Crackdown Goes Gold
01/19/2007 12:47:00 PM     360
Pacific City notes a dramatic increase in crime as the city’s gangs prepare for the ultimate Crackdown, exploding onto store shelves and Xbox Live on Feb. 20.
New Inuyasha: Secret Of The Divine Jewel Screenshots Available
01/19/2007 12:14:00 PM     NDS
An innovative RPG based on Rumiko Takahashi’s popular comic book and animated show, players will enjoy playing as familiar characters as well as some new faces in this colorful world
Gears of War Juggernaut Continues With More Than 3 Million Units Sold
01/19/2007 12:08:00 PM     360
Top-selling game of December sees more than 750,000 downloads of its exciting new multiplayer maps.
Phantom EFX Enters 2007 as the No. 1 Publisher of PC Card/Casino Games
01/19/2007 11:07:00 AM     PC
Reel Deal Slots: Mystic Forest is Top Retail Title in Card/Casino Category
Breakpoint Plays Footbag
01/19/2007 11:06:00 AM     MB
Breakpoint has been granted a license by the International Footbag Players' Association (IFPA) to develop and publish a first-ever branded mobile game featuring footbag
BIONICLE HEROES Set for Release on Nintendo Wii
01/19/2007 11:06:00 AM     WII
BIONICLE HEROES, will be released this Easter 2007
Computer Game Devastro Introduced by Catnap Games
01/19/2007 11:05:00 AM     PC
On January 22, 2007 Catnap Games computer entertainment studio releases Devastro - a computer game for both Mac and PC platforms
Ozura Mobile Unveils Two Action games "Antopia" and "R.A.T.S."
01/19/2007 11:04:00 AM     MB
Ozura Mobile announced today the launch of R.A.T.S. and Antopia – The Beginning
SEGA Releases First Developer's Column for Virtua Fighter 5
01/19/2007 11:03:00 AM     360.PS3
SEGA has released the first in a series of Developer's Columns for their upcoming fighting game, Virtua Fighter 5
Sony Announces Pursuit Force: Extreme Justice for PSP and PS2
01/19/2007 11:02:00 AM     PS2.PSP
The blockbuster PSP game returns, now also coming to PS2
EA Announces Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike Booster Pack
01/19/2007 11:01:00 AM     PC
Delivers All-New Maps, Vehicles, Unlocks and more for Battlefield 2142
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Open Beta to Close Jan. 23
01/19/2007 11:00:00 AM     PC
In anticipation of the January 30th launch of the fantasy-themed MMORPG, the servers will be shut down, and all beta character profiles will be transferred to a test server
505 Games Launches the ArmA: Armed Assault Trailer Maker
01/19/2007 10:07:00 AM     PC
Using cutting edge machinima technology you are able to cut and mix up video clips from the UK version of ArmA: Armed Assault and add in audio clips and sound effects lifted right out of the game
"Two Worlds" presents Magic Moments
01/19/2007 09:49:00 AM     PC.360
In each of five schools, players can attain five different magic circles
Meridian4 Adds a New Item to its Menu – Hot Dog King
01/19/2007 09:12:00 AM     PC
Game publisher Meridian4 is chomping at the bit to announce the signing of a North American publishing agreement with Fuzzyeyes Studios for their entertaining business simulation; Hot Dog King – A Fast Food Empire
War Front: Turning Point: The Russians are on the Advance
01/19/2007 08:11:00 AM     PC
Secret Red Army Special Forces units demonstrate their ability and merciless power in the latest video
New Game Mode for Dawnspire: Prelude in Public Beta
01/19/2007 07:57:00 AM     PC
Silent Grove Studios today announced that Shrine Domination, the new game mode for Dawnspire: Prelude, has now entered open beta and can be played by anyone who wants to try it out
K2 Network Unveils Character Classes Behind War Rock
01/19/2007 07:31:00 AM     PC
K2 Network today released details on the five soldier classes that gamers will get the opportunity to play in the online tactical military first person shooter War Rock
Earache Extreme Metal Racing PS2 Game Officially Releases on Feb 2nd 2007
01/19/2007 04:37:00 AM     PS2
Calling all Extreme Metal fans and gamers: the time has finally come for you to strap yourself into the driving seat
Gurumin: A Monstrous Web Site Unveiled
01/18/2007 07:32:00 PM     PSP
Visitors Can Enter to Win Game Guide Autographed by All-Star Voice Cast
Voyage Century Announces Celebrations for Launch of Fourth Server
01/18/2007 05:50:00 PM     PC
Voyage Century Celebrates Fourth Server With Double Experience Event, Geography Quiz, And A Screenshot Competition
New Screens for Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia
01/18/2007 03:35:00 PM     PC.360
SouthPeak Interactive has released the launch date for Monster Madness: Battle For Suburbia, which is slated for an April 3 release, launching on the Xbox 360 and Windows PC
Rampaging Dragons, Evil Dracomancers and The Elemental Devourer Menace The World Of AdventureQuest
01/18/2007 02:29:00 PM     PC
AdventureQuest needs your help in this, the greatest battle of all time
New Lumines Live! Content Coming Wednesday
01/18/2007 01:09:00 PM     360
New Lumines Live! Content Coming Wednesday
Activision Unveils New Call Of Duty 3 Downloadable Maps
01/18/2007 12:02:00 PM     360
Valor Map Pack Available Now on Xbox Live
Ultimate Sweepstakes For .Hack//G.U. Ends January 31, 2007
01/18/2007 11:00:00 AM     PS2
The ".hack" Ultimate Fan Sweepstakes will select five lucky grand prize winners,
Gametap Announces New World and Mac Version Of Myst Online: Uru Live
01/18/2007 10:46:00 AM     PC
In preparation of the highly anticipated early 2007 release of “Myst Online: Uru Live”, two major developments are being announced.
Excalibur Publishing Secures Fritz Chess 10
01/18/2007 10:30:00 AM     PC
Excalibur Publishing has secured a deal to publish the well respected Fritz Chess program on PC DVD in the UK and Scandinavia
Paradox Interactive Presents Exclusive Deal With Target
01/18/2007 10:28:00 AM     PC
EU III Collectors Edition to be carried by chain nationwide
El Matador Fights its Way onto Gamer's Gate
01/18/2007 09:53:00 AM     PC
Developed by Red Mile Entertainment, the PC version of the game is now available for download on Gamer's Gate for $19.99
Bethesda Softworks Announces The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles - Official Expansion for Oblivion
01/18/2007 07:20:00 AM     PC.360
Spring Release Planned for Official Expansion for 2006 Game of the Year
The First Diving Simulator "Diver: Deep Water Adventures"
01/18/2007 05:47:00 AM     PC
Biart announces try and buy version launch for first diving simulator Diver: Deep Water Adventures
Myth War Announces PE Winners, Tournament Champions, And New Power Packs!
01/18/2007 01:27:00 AM     PC
Myth War completed its PE competition for updates and suggestions on its guides this week.
FreeStyle Street Basketball – Official Website Announcement
01/17/2007 08:50:00 PM     PC
Calling all street-ballers! The FreeStyle Street Basketball website is up and running
Capcom’s Lost Planet: Extreme Condition and Dead Rising Ship More Than Two Million Units Worldwide
01/17/2007 06:15:00 PM     360
50 Billion Zombies and One Million Snow Pirates Can’t Be Wrong
NCAA March Madness 07 From EA Sports Ships to Stores Today
01/17/2007 06:00:00 PM     PS2.360
Fans can now defend their home court and bring the crowd into the game like never before with NCAA March Madness 07,
Battlestations Midway Xbox 360 Demo Available for Download Thursday, January 18
01/17/2007 02:48:00 PM     360
The multi-player demo will feature the Island of Solomon multi-player map where players will face-off between American and Japanese forces as they engage in massive air, sea, and undersea battles
Xbox 360/Peugeot Announce Car Design Contest
01/17/2007 02:22:00 PM     360
French auto manufacturer Peugeot is sponsoring a car design contest that will give one lucky participant the opportunity to have their design made into a full-scale concept car at the 2007 Frankfurt Motor Show
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Now Available
01/17/2007 02:06:00 PM     PC
First expansion for Blizzard Entertainment’s massively multiplayer online role-playing game launches in multiple regions
Saga Breaks Open the New Era of RTS Gaming
01/17/2007 01:56:00 PM     PC
Saga, a new Massively-Multiplayer Online Real-time Strategy (MMORTS) game from Wahoo Studios, is set to revolutionize the way RTS games are played
Red Orchestra Mapping Contest Prizes
01/17/2007 01:54:00 PM     PC
Entries for this phase of the contest now close on January 31, 2007
Europa Universalis III Demo Announced
01/17/2007 11:53:00 AM     PC
Paradox Interactive announced today the release of the official single-player demo from Europa Universalis III, the flagship title of Paradox Interactive
Electronic Sports World Cup to Launch Portal
01/17/2007 11:43:00 AM     PC
Worldwide Online Community Platform to Federate Electronic Sports
The Blackwell Legacy is Now Available
01/17/2007 11:25:00 AM     PC
Wadjet Eye Games is proud to release the first episode in its latest adventure game entitled The Blackwell Legacy
A bumper New Year from Glu
01/17/2007 10:29:00 AM     MB
The first quarter of ’07 will see releases to appeal to a broad spectrum of mobile gamers
EA Launches Onto Xbox Live Arcade With Boom Boom Rocket
01/17/2007 10:23:00 AM     360
Original Rhythm Music Arcade Game Developed by Bizarre Creations
Romance of the Three Kingdoms XI Reaches Gold Status
01/17/2007 09:30:00 AM     PS2
Historical Simulation Video Game to Ship to North American Retailers on Feb. 6, 2007
'World Snooker Championship' comes to mobile for 1st time
01/17/2007 04:54:00 AM     MB
-play, the mobile entertainment company, has signed a major deal with Blade Interactive’s
Voyage Century Releases Pirate System, And Terror Reigns On The Oceans!
01/17/2007 02:01:00 AM     PC
Shiver me timbers! Thar’s pirates afloat in Voyage Century Online!
NAMCO BANDAI Games Announces QuickSpot for the Nintendo DS
01/16/2007 09:19:00 PM     NDS
Put your memorization skills to the test this Spring with QuickSpot
Crackdown Demo Pushed Back
01/16/2007 06:05:00 PM     360
Originally scheduled to released tomorrow, January 18, the demo has been pushed back until sometime before the end of the month
Voyage Century Item Mall Open For Business
01/16/2007 04:00:00 PM     PC
Everything you need for your Voyage Century adventure, from Orange Hair Dye to a Minotaur Change Charm, can be found in the Item Mall, which opened January 10th to enthusiastic shoppers
Ubisoft Announces Cosmic Family for the Wii
01/16/2007 03:41:00 PM     WII
Space Adventure for Children Promotes Early Learning Through Stimulating and Fun Mini-Games
NAMCO BANDAI Announces Tamagotchi Party On! for Wii
01/16/2007 03:10:00 PM     WII
Become the Most Popular Tamagotchi on Tamagotchi Planet in the Quirkiest and Most Hilarious Game to Hit the Wii This Spring
Digital Development Signs Zombie Studios
01/16/2007 02:28:00 PM     PC
Zombie Joins DDM’s Line-Up of AAA Developers
RACE Free Weekend On Steam
01/16/2007 02:19:00 PM     PC
Beginning this Thursday, January 18th, RACE - The Official WTCC Game will be available for free trial via Steam, the 10 million-strong platform for PC games
PLAYSTATION Store Adds Genji Costume Pack, Rally Cross for PSP
01/16/2007 02:14:00 PM     PS3
Sony Computer Entertainment America has updated the PLAYSTATION®Store (PS Store) with new gaming and entertainment content
Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice for All for the Nintendo DS is on the Case
01/16/2007 12:38:00 PM     NDS
Court is back in session as Capcom today announced that Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Justice For All for the Nintendo DS has shipped to retailers across North America
Ten Thousand Deer in the Virtual Woods
01/16/2007 11:07:00 AM     PC
The Endless Forest crosses the 10,000 registered users mark
Abborado Studios Announces the First Game in the Once Upon A Time in Japan Series, "Earth"
01/16/2007 11:02:00 AM     PC
The series aims to transport players to various periods in Japan’s storied history, giving them a look at the inner struggles of a country bound by tradition and ruled by the warrior class
LUXOR 2 Footage Uncoiled and Let Loose from Ancient Egypt
01/16/2007 11:01:00 AM     PC
MumboJumbo today released a new video featuring detailed footage of seven unique levels of LUXOR 2, the heavily anticipated follow-up to 2005’s #1 casual game
Frogster Conquers the Seas with Bounty Bay Online
01/16/2007 11:00:00 AM     PC
New website opens for pirate themed MMOG, public beta slots available
EA Brings Laptops to Life with The Sims Stories
01/16/2007 10:44:00 AM     PC
The Sims Life Stories is First Installment in a New Line of Unique Story-Driven Games
European Launch Date Announced for War Front: Turning Point
01/16/2007 10:43:00 AM     PC
Atari planning to release 10TACLE STUDIOS eagerly awaited 3D RTS in March 2007
Share the Legend with Oxygen Games
01/16/2007 09:08:00 AM     PC.PS2
Oxygen Games invites young fortune-hunters to share the legend with Robin Hood's Quest, The Snow Queen Quest and The Quest for Aladdin's Treasure
The Reich Begins to Fall in New Blitzkrieg 2 Expansion Screens
01/15/2007 12:09:00 PM     PC
Look for Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich in retail stores on February 22
New Features in GODS: Lands of Infinity SE
01/15/2007 11:07:00 AM     PC
The game is dressed in a completely new, more attractive fashion boosted with various bonus stuff
SOE Announces The Buried Sea Expansion for EverQuest
01/15/2007 10:50:00 AM     PC
The Buried Sea makes waves as the thirteenth expansion for the successful
Nintendo Wins Emmy Award
01/15/2007 10:49:00 AM     GBA.GC.NDS.WII
The National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences has awarded Nintendo an Emmy® Award for its invention of the plus-shaped D-pad, one in a long string of Nintendo's controller innovations
World's First Commercial XNA Game, Blobbit Push, Released
01/15/2007 10:48:00 AM     PC
Cheeky, the company featuring veteran developers Mark Ripley and Stoo Cambridge today announced the release of their latest game in the Blobbit series - "Blobbit Push"
Get Ready For Mini Mario-Mayhem Throughout The World
01/15/2007 10:47:00 AM     NDS
Mario Vs Donkey Kong 2: March of the Minis is let loose on Nintendo DS
War Rock Invades Battlefields Across Europe
01/15/2007 10:47:00 AM     PC
Experience the intensity of warfare with K2 Network's Online Military Tactical First Person Shooter
Wii-kly Update: Three New Classic Games Announced For Wii Shop Channel
01/15/2007 10:46:00 AM     WII
Today Nintendo adds three new classic games to the popular Wii™ video game system's Wii Shop Channel
Eidos Talks MumboJumbo
01/15/2007 10:45:00 AM     PC
European distribution deal with Leading Casual Game Publisher MumboJumbo to bring top game franchises to PC in 2007
Battlestations: Midway European Release Date February 9th
01/15/2007 10:44:00 AM     PC.360
Eidos Interactive today confirms that the highly anticipated Battlestations: Midway will be released on February 9, 2007 on Xbox 360 and PC
Nintendo's European Sales Figures for Christmas Announced
01/15/2007 10:43:00 AM     NDS.WII
Wii And Nintendo DS Experience Unprecedented Sales As Europe Enjoys A Nintendo Christmas
Indiagames and Sarbakan to bring Good Night Mr. Snoozleberg and Houdini on Mobile Phones
01/15/2007 10:04:00 AM     MB
Games to be available on all the world’s leading mobile carriers starting June 2007
Namco Networks Launches Sequel To Highly Successful Pool Pro Online
01/15/2007 09:59:00 AM     MB
Head-to-head pool game includes customizable game play and enhanced network features
World of Warcraft: The Dark Portal Opens 1/16
01/13/2007 08:17:00 PM     PC
The Burning Legion's renewed assault on Azeroth begins Midnight, January 16th and the Blizzard development team will be on hand to celebrate the event while signing copies of the game at four California area retailers
EA Celebrates UEFA Champions League 2006-2007
01/12/2007 05:25:00 PM     PC.MB.PS2.360
EA will celebrate Europe’s the UEFA Champions League, with the launch of UEFA Champions League 2006-2007
Dreamfall: The Longest Journey Now Available on Steam
01/12/2007 04:34:00 PM     PC
The incredible modern adventure game to feature on Valve’s pioneering digital delivery system
Size Matters! “Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank” Rolls Onto Xbox Live Arcade
01/12/2007 03:06:00 PM     360
With awesome multiplayer modes exclusive to the Xbox Live Arcade version, “Heavy Weapon: Atomic Tank” brings classic shooter excitement and explosive power to Xbox Live Arcade
Meet the Characters with New Gurumin Assets
01/12/2007 02:50:00 PM     PSP
Mastiff has released new art and screenshots of the colorful cast of the upcoming PSP title “Gurumin: A Monstrous Adventure”
Taking Aim at the Future
01/12/2007 02:34:00 PM     PC
Stray Bullet Games has begun an exciting new era with the development of a new massively multiplayer online (MMO) game
Introducing the Official Web Site for Loki
01/12/2007 01:36:00 PM     PC
Cyanide are pleased to start 2007 with the official release of the Loki Web site
Rogue Galaxy Behind-the-scenes Video #3
01/12/2007 12:35:00 PM     PS2
Now available for download is the third and latest behind-the-scenes video from Level-5's latest action-RPG Rogue Galaxy, for the PlayStation 2
MumboJumbo Bringing "Hexic Deluxe" and "Mozaki Blocks Deluxe" to Retail
01/12/2007 12:09:00 PM     PC
Casual Games Publisher to Release Two New Microsoft Puzzle Titles Designed by the Creator of Tetris
Screenshots Released for Warlords DS and Disciples II DS
01/12/2007 11:46:00 AM     NDS
Developed by Glyphic Entertainment, the classic turn-base strategy titles are set to be released Q2 2007
TAC Announces Secrets of the Ark – A Broken Sword Game
01/12/2007 10:32:00 AM     PC
The Adventure Company, the leading publisher of PC adventure games, today announced that it will publish SECRETS OF THE ARK, the North American release of ‘Broken Sword: The Angel of Death’ for Windows
Meridian4 Pops a New Title
01/12/2007 09:20:00 AM     PC
Game publisher Meridian4 is thrilled to announce the signing of a publishing agreement with Big Blue Bubble to take their fast-paced, addictive game; Pop-A-Tronic to retail and online markets in North America and Worldwide
Voyage Century Announces Launching Of Fourth Server
01/12/2007 05:09:00 AM     PC
Voyage Century is proud of the addition of Captain Cook to their family, joining servers Columbus, Magellan, and De Gama
Dragon Wars and Alternative Dimensional Beings In AdventureQuest!
01/12/2007 03:42:00 AM     PC
The greatest battle of all time is about to begin!
Myth War Announces A Grand Sale
01/12/2007 03:21:00 AM     PC
Myth War Online announces a special sale this month!
Pirates of the Burning Sea Unveils New Website!
01/11/2007 08:08:00 PM     PC
In addition to the brand-new look, the updated Pirates of the Burning Sea website introduced twelve never-before-seen screenshots
Xbox 360 Outsells Wii and PS3 This Holiday
01/11/2007 07:44:00 PM     360
Consumers have cast their votes and Xbox 360 was the best-selling next-generation console of the 2006
SEGA Announces Crazy Taxi: Fare Wars for the PSP
01/11/2007 05:05:00 PM     PSP
All-New Multiplayer Modes and Features for Cabbies on the Go
Writers' Block: MMO Perspective: The environments are great, now how about improving character classes …
01/11/2007 02:15:00 PM     PC.360
The MMO industry does a terrific job of creating stellar environments but too often we are left with cookie-cutter classes and professions
Ubisoft Announces Enchanted Arms for the PlayStation 3
01/11/2007 01:52:00 PM     PS3
Fantasy Role-Playing Adventure Coming March 2007
Activision Releases Free Call of Duty 3 Multiplayer Bonus Map
01/11/2007 01:31:00 PM     360
Fans Also to Play Against Game Developers at Treyarch
World of Warcraft Surpasses 8 Million Subscribers Worldwide
01/11/2007 01:02:00 PM     PC
Player population in North America now exceeds 2 million, while Europe and China pass the 1.5 million player and 3.5 million player marks, respectively
Get Ready for Full-Scale War with the New War Front Single-Player Demo
01/11/2007 12:36:00 PM     PC
In the single-player demo, gamers will face powerful opposition in one campaign mission each from the German and Allied campaigns
Voyage Century Online Releases Land And Sea Battle Rules
01/11/2007 12:26:00 PM     PC
Voyage Century Online, the 16th century nautical online game, releases rules for both styles of battles
KUMA GAMES Gives Players the Chance to Have Their Face Featured in “Shootout!” – The Embassy
01/11/2007 12:25:00 PM     PC
Kuma opens sign up list today for competitions being held on January 12 and 19 on
DreamCatcher Releases Trailer for Genesis Rising
01/11/2007 12:11:00 PM     PC
GameSpy Beta Test is Now Open to Public
EA Unleashes The Godfather The Don’s Edition on PlayStation 3
01/11/2007 11:26:00 AM     PS3.WII
The Godfather Blackhand Edition also announced for the Nintendo Wii
Vanguard: Saga of Heroes Makes the Journey into Retail Stores on January 30, 2007
01/11/2007 11:02:00 AM     PC
Sony Online Entertainment and Sigil Games Online today announced that the upcoming massively multiplayer online role-playing game “Vanguard: Saga of Heroes” will be released to retail outlets across North America and Europe on January 30, 2007
Pre-Sell Campaign for K2 Network’s War Rock Under Way
01/11/2007 10:32:00 AM     PC
Gamers can get Exclusive Weapons and More by Pre-Ordering Now at Select Retailer Outlets; Elephant Entertainment will publish War Rock for retail marketplace
Meridian4's Garden of Titles Grows
01/11/2007 08:42:00 AM     PC
Game publisher Meridian4 is pleased to announce the signing of a publishing agreement with Ocean Media
Rag Doll Kung Fu Enters The Wild Hare Temple!
01/10/2007 02:10:00 PM     PC
Merscom, to publish a retail version of “Rag Doll Kung Fu” for the PC in North America.
Strategy First Signs Warlords Nintendo DS
01/10/2007 12:07:00 PM     NDS
This classic turn-base strategy title truly compliments the “Disciples II DS” that is currently under development.
Nickelodeon and MumboJumbo Enter into Casual Games Publishing Partnership
01/10/2007 11:06:00 AM     PC
"Charlotte’s Web: Word Rescue" the First Game among Three Titles to be Released
Techland Announces A New FPP Shooter
01/10/2007 09:50:00 AM     PC.360
The game puts you in the role of a freelance mercenary,
Europa Universalis III Goes Gold
01/10/2007 08:59:00 AM     PC
The Grand Strategy game goes gold and prepares for release
OrangePixel Releases Fruit Squash Mobile
01/10/2007 04:11:00 AM     MB
OrangePixel and developer Under Siege Studio, and brings you Fruit Squash
Win a Logitech MOMO steering wheel with the demo of Xpand Rally Xtreme!
01/10/2007 03:46:00 AM     PC
Techland has informed, that in connection with high interest in Xpand Rally Xtreme demo, a contest for the Best Rally Driver is launched
Myth War and Co-sponsor Exciting Contest!
01/09/2007 11:28:00 PM     PC
So you think you know Myth War, huh?
World of Warcraft: The Burning Crusade Midnight Store Openings!
01/09/2007 09:30:00 PM     PC
Blizzard Entertainment announced today that it will co-host special midnight signing events at four retail locations
Two Lost Planet Game Signing Events - Get Your Copy And Get It Signed By The Team!
01/09/2007 09:12:00 PM     360
Capcom invites you to pick up your copy AND get it signed by the development team!
Quietdrive Rings In the New Year on Xbox Live
01/09/2007 06:12:00 PM     360
Minneapolis quintet chosen as January’s Xbox Live Artist of the Month
amBX has the rFactor
01/09/2007 04:59:00 PM     PC
Philips Announces amBX Collaboration With Intel and Image Space for rFactor
CDV Unleashes Alien Shooter: Vengeance Official Web Site
01/09/2007 02:59:00 PM     PC
The new site contains screenshots, videos, a recently released demo and other information about the upcoming action RPG.
id Software Wins Two Emmy Awards
01/09/2007 01:35:00 PM     PC
id Software first independent developer to win the award
Sniper Studios To Create New Production And Development Opportunities With Game Publishers
01/09/2007 11:06:00 AM     PC
Sniper Studios has hit the floor running with an all star ensemble of industry talent
Sega Genesis Classics Now Available On Virtual Console For Wii
01/09/2007 11:01:00 AM     WII
Ten Titles From the SEGA Genesis Library Available For Download on the Wii Shop Channel
Broadjam Teams with Konami to Find New Dance Dance Revolution Songs
01/09/2007 09:59:00 AM     360 announced today that it will team withKonami to find new songs for their hit DDR series.
Konami Ships Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Spirit Caller
01/09/2007 09:37:00 AM     NDS
The first handheld Yu-Gi-Oh! game to feature full online head-to-head play,
Activision Announces Details on New Songs and Downloadable Content for Guitar Hero II on Xbox 360
01/09/2007 09:26:00 AM     360
Guitar Hero Fans to Rock Harder Than Ever With Fresh Content and Features
I-play's The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo short-listed for GSM 2007 Award
01/09/2007 08:19:00 AM     MB
‘The Fast and The Furious’, has been short-listed for the ‘Best Made for Mobile Game’ category in the GSM awards
"War Front: Turning Point" - New Video available!
01/09/2007 07:54:00 AM     PC
A new video reveals the contents of top-secret Allied Forces files
Boxing Manager: New Screenshots Show Off Realistic 3D Bouts
01/09/2007 04:20:00 AM     PC
With the Boxing gamers gain an inside look at the sport and business of boxing.
Voyage Century Online Releases Land And Sea Battle Rules!
01/09/2007 03:45:00 AM     PC
Nothing can match the challenge and sheer excitement of a raging battle at sea
Enigma Games Releases Warriors For PC And Windows Mobile Platforms
01/09/2007 02:17:00 AM     PC.MB
Enigma Games, announced today that they have released Warriors for PC and Windows Mobile.
It’s Ms. Pac-Man’s Turn to Waka-Waka On Xbox Live Arcade
01/08/2007 03:04:00 PM     360
The amiable munching yellow ball returns in this week’s Arcade Wednesday release – this time she’s sporting a big red bow on top
'Age of Conan' DirectX 10 version world premiering at CES
01/08/2007 02:46:00 PM     PC
Only two DirectX 10 enabled PC games shown in playable form at CES
SEGA Announces Five New Titles Coming to Wii Virtual Console
01/08/2007 02:10:00 PM     WII
Five Additional SEGA Genesis Classics Will Soon Be Available for Download on the Wii™ Shop Channel
Telltale Breaks New Ground in Game Industry
01/08/2007 02:01:00 PM     PC
Delivering on the promise of monthly new episodes, Telltale begins distribution of second Sam & Max episode at
Players Flock to Guild Wars in Record-Breaking Numbers and Rack Up 20 Million Hours of Gameplay
01/08/2007 01:38:00 PM     PC
Extended Wintersday Festival a Smash Success!
EA and NAMCO BANDAI Games Announce Summer 2007 Release for Hellgate: London
01/08/2007 01:05:00 PM     PC
Hotly-Anticipated Action-RPG from Flagship Studios set to Heat up PCs this Summer
Windows Vista Ushers in New Era of Gameplay
01/08/2007 12:45:00 PM     PC
Microsoft unveils powerful Games for Windows lineup and more at 2007 CES
Content Providers Validate Xbox Live as One of the Top Distributors of Online Entertainment Content
01/08/2007 12:44:00 PM     360
Lionsgate announced as latest partner to bring high-definition movies to Xbox 360
Microsoft Integrates IPTV Software Platform With Xbox 360
01/08/2007 12:43:00 PM     360
New solution combines next-generation TV and gaming into unique entertainment platform for service providers
Ultimate Baseball Online Launches Year-Long Best of UBO 2007 Competition
01/08/2007 12:40:00 PM     PC
64 teams consisting of five to nine players will qualify during the year to compete in the tournament, which will run from November 26 to December 21, 2007
Gears of War Map Pack on the Way
01/08/2007 12:18:00 PM     360
Sponsored by the Discovery Channel and available for free via Xbox Live Marketplace, the new content will be available for download beginning on Wednesday, Jan. 10
NetDevil Unleashes Warmonger, Operation: Downtown Destruction at CES
01/08/2007 12:16:00 PM     PC
The AGEIA PhysX Processor Powers Revolutionary First-Person Shooter
Sony Online Entertainment and Midway Team up for Six PS3 Downloadable Titles
01/08/2007 11:45:00 AM     PS3
Sony Online Entertainment to Bring Classic Games from Midway to the PLAYSTATION Network Early This Year
Enemy Engaged Returns
01/08/2007 11:28:00 AM     PC
Sequel to classic chopper sim in development
Three New Classic Games Announced For Wii Shop Channel
01/08/2007 09:29:00 AM     WII
Today Nintendo adds three new classic games to the popular Wii™ video game system's
Game Industry Legend Steve Meretzky Joins Blue Fang Games
01/08/2007 09:24:00 AM     PC
Blue Fang announced today that Steve Meretzky is joining its team as Senior Designer.
Sony Wins an Emmy for SIXAXIS Controller
01/08/2007 08:07:00 AM     PS3
PLAYSTATION 3 Receives Multiple Awards and Honors at CES 2007
Sony Computer Entertainment America Announces PS3 Hits One-Million Mark in North America
01/08/2007 07:03:00 AM     PS2.PS3.PSP
Sony today announced more than one million units of its recently launched PS3
Dual-Media ProSIM Products Now Available!
01/08/2007 06:20:00 AM     PC
The Best Of Both Worlds Available At The Gamers Front!
Voyage Century Online Celebrates Double Experience Days And The Winners Of The Story Sharing Contest!
01/08/2007 03:40:00 AM     PC
It’s a gamers’ dream come true!
PanicBCN says: Girls Power!
01/06/2007 12:35:00 PM     PC
Help Ania save the city in this superb game from SpiritVG
Chronic Logic Releases free Kingdom Elemental Demo for Windows
01/05/2007 05:56:00 PM     PC
Chronic Logic announces the release of a free Kingdom Elemental demo.
Gamers Raise Over $1,000,000 for Children's Hospitals Through Child's Play Charity
01/05/2007 04:00:00 PM     PC.GBA.PS2.GC.XB.MB.360.WII.PS3.PSP.NDS
Gamer-supported Child’s Play Charity reached an all-time high of $1,024,400.31
Steam Winter Update Coming Next Week
01/05/2007 02:37:00 PM     PC
New Features Include Guest Passes and Ease-of-Use Upgrades
Take Flight with Footage of a Griffin Mount in Vanguard: Saga of Heroes
01/05/2007 01:45:00 PM     PC
Sony today released new footage featuring one of several flying mounts
Sony Announces Gripshift Is At The Starting Gates And Ready For Download
01/05/2007 12:52:00 PM     PS3
GripShift is a re-mix of the award-winning original specially redesigned for e-Distribution
Play Pirates CSG Online With Everquest II Dev Team Members Today @ 4pm PST.
01/05/2007 11:19:00 AM     PC
EQ2 dev team members to chat with online buccaneers in Pirates CSG Online
Nyko Unveils New Line of Nintendo Wii Peripherals
01/05/2007 11:01:00 AM     WII
New Suite of Nintendo Wii Products Puts Innovation In The Hands Of Gamers
Open Beta Begins On January 5th For Vanguard: Saga Of Heroes
01/05/2007 09:57:00 AM     PC
Sony Online and Sigil Games Online today announced that open beta will begin, January 5th
EA Reveals Command & Conquer 3 Tiberium Wars: Kane Edition
01/05/2007 09:55:00 AM     PC.360
The Ultimate Edition for Every Command & Conquer Fan—Packed with Bonus Content
Sierra Announces First Ever Aerial Combat/Racing Game For The PSP System - M.A.C.H.
01/05/2007 09:54:00 AM     PSP
Fight and Flight Begins Nationwide February 2007
Gloss Of New Paint On The Official Site For Pompolic : Call For Heroes
01/05/2007 09:53:00 AM     PC
Quotix Software are pleased to announce that they have given the official web site for ‘Pompolic a new gloss of paint
New screens - Frontline: Fields of Thunder
01/05/2007 06:18:00 AM     PC
"Frontline: Fields of Thunder", developed by Nival Interactive, follows in the footsteps of the original "Blitzkrieg
Michael Joseph Launch Lead Thriller For 2007 With Online Gaming Quest
01/05/2007 06:13:00 AM     PC
Players Will Compete in Global Scavenger Hunt to Find THE MALICE BOX
Dtp Entertainment Looks Back On Successful 2006
01/05/2007 05:58:00 AM     PC
A successful year 2006 for Hamburg-based dtp entertainment
OrangePixel Releases Brik-Link
01/05/2007 05:00:00 AM     MB
Brik-Link takes the block-puzzle game into new directions.
NAMCO BANDAI Games Announces NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 2
01/04/2007 11:05:00 AM     PS2
Naruto and Friends Continue the Fight on PS2 System this Summer 2007
Dreamlords Set To Attack On February 15
01/04/2007 10:58:00 AM     PC
Lockpick Entertainment today announced the release date for what will be the next step in MMO gaming
2K Sports Announces Derek Jeter as Official Spokesman and Cover Athlete for Major League Baseball 2K7
01/04/2007 08:45:00 AM     PS2.XB.PSP.PS3.360
New York Yankees’ Captain Derek Jeter to Return as Cover Athlete of the Premier Major League Baseball Video Game
First Hit Of 2007, 12 Earth God Garden Fighter Mobile Game.
01/04/2007 05:59:00 AM     MB
MOffY Limited announces the launch of Garden Fighter
PayByCash and Acclaim Games Announce Deal
01/04/2007 05:33:00 AM     PC
Today PayByCash started offering their broad suite of alternate payment options to Acclaim Games customers
AdventureQuest Announces The End Of The Frostval Adventure And The Arrival Of The BeastMaster!
01/04/2007 04:41:00 AM     PC
The Frostval adventure has ended, and players have been having a great time logging
Rogue Galaxy Behind-The-Scenes Video #2
01/03/2007 12:18:00 PM     PS2
Now available the second behind-the-scenes video from Level-5's latest action-RPG Rogue Galaxy
The Game Factory announces Legend of the Dragon for Wii
01/03/2007 12:14:00 PM     WII
Legend of the Dragon for Nintendo Wii will be the publisher’s first release for the recently-launched next-generation video game system
Nyko Unveils Next-Gen Version of Zero Controllers for PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360
01/03/2007 12:02:00 PM     PC.PS2.360.PS3
Critically Acclaimed Controller Headed To Next-Generation Consoles
Two Additional Paths of Entry to “Halo 3” Multiplayer Beta
01/03/2007 12:01:00 PM     360
Microsoft Game Studios and Bungie Studios are ringing in the year with a proverbial bang,
SplitFish To Sponsor Playstation 3 Tournament Team
01/03/2007 11:35:00 AM     PS2.PS3
SplitFish GameWare Inc announced that it is seeking 5 talented PS2 gamers
A New Era For Arcades? CyGamZ Writes a Chapter In Video Game History
01/03/2007 10:04:00 AM     PC.PS2.360.XB
Arcades are dead, but there's a new public gaming arena hoping to resurrect some of their magic: CyGamZ.
Return to Battle with Seven New Screens from Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich
01/03/2007 10:01:00 AM     PC
The new screens include a variety of scenes, from tanks rolling into battle to bombers delivering their deadly payloads
Finesse Announces Partnership with JavArt
01/03/2007 06:51:00 AM     MB
Finesse Mobile has entered into a partnership game developer JavArt S.r.l. to distribute Domino Quake.
Voyage Century Announces Launching Of Third Server
01/03/2007 06:11:00 AM     PC
Voyage Century Online has proven to be so popular and successful that they are launching their third server January 5th
Flatout 2 Sells Past 500K, Wins Best Racing Game Of Year Awards
01/03/2007 02:24:00 AM     PC.XB.360.PS2
FlatOut, crashes thru the 500,000 worldwide sales mark
Louisiana Game Studio Releases New PC Puzzle Game
01/02/2007 11:45:00 PM     PC
Yatec Launches "Enchanted Gardens" Online
An Angel Visits Myth World
01/02/2007 06:14:00 PM     PC
Myth World announces the Grand Prize Winners
First Massive Multiplayer Online World Champion Crowned in Entropia Universe
01/02/2007 03:57:00 PM     PC
Swedish Gamer Skalman Prevails in 90 Minute Head-to-Head Hunting Event
Konami Ships Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol to Retail Stores Nationwide
01/02/2007 03:21:00 PM     PS2
Video Game Based on America’s Most Popular TV Show Takes Center Stage with Extensive Song Library, Advanced Artificial Intelligence and Fully-Voiced Commentary from Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson
Gumboy Named Independent Game of the Year
01/02/2007 10:54:00 AM     PC
Gumboy Crazy Adventures wins Game of the Year at Game Tunnel's 5th Annual Independent Games of the Year Awards
Female Characters Introduced for Runaway: The Dream of the Turtle
01/02/2007 10:53:00 AM     PC
Hello Ladies....
The Mobile Empire Strikes Back with LEGO Star Wars II
01/02/2007 10:52:00 AM     MB
THQ Wireless brings LEGO Star Wars II to mobile phones
Christian Video Game Tribulation Knights In Development
01/01/2007 07:55:00 AM     PC
Tribulation Knights™ is a brand new video game in a series of Christian video games.

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