Recent Interviews
GP Interviews the Team of the Blockbuster PS2's Jak & Daxter
12/22/2001 01:39:00 PM     PS2
The Badger has a Q&A session with Evan Wells, Co-Designer, and Josh Scherr, Animator for Jak & Daxter.
The Rage by FluidGames
12/06/2001 07:22:00 AM     PC
Davide Marcato, Alberto Candussi and Nicola Candussi recently talked with GamingPolo about The Rage, and about the Italian company which developed it.
Endless Ages by Avaria
12/05/2001 02:19:00 PM     PC
What Avaria developers lack in sleep, they make up for in ambition and the MMORPG world of Endless Ages
Gorasul: Legacy of the Dragon
12/03/2001 10:30:00 AM     PC
GP's The Badger interviews Silver Style, the team behind Gorsaul: Legacy of the Dragon

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