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Composer Billy Martin adds memorable music to movies and games
01/28/2003 09:19:00 AM     PC.GBA.PSX.PS2
Several talented people are responsible for composing the unforgettable music heard in video games.   Billy Martin is one of them.
Desirable disasters strike in Disaster Report
01/23/2003 03:29:00 PM     PS2
Where can you experience the thrill of an earthquake without suffering any real-life consequences?  In Disaster Report, a new and unique title from Agetec and Irem Software.
Online-only FPS/RPG, Purge, set to diminish all free time when it’s released this winter
01/14/2003 11:35:00 AM     PC
Everyone loves a good FPS, and everyone loves a good RPG, so why not create a game that combines the best of both worlds? That’s what Freeform Interactive was thinking when they decided to work on Purge, an all-new, online-only first-person shooter with a promising premise, unique weapons and intriguing gameplay.
BradyGames rocks the charts with #1-selling strategy guides: more than 1 million Vice City guides in print
01/14/2003 10:00:00 AM     PS2
David B. Bartley, BradyGames’ Senior Project Editor, took a break to tell us about the key features of the Vice City guide, outlined the hard work involved in the guide creation process, and explained the importance of increasing that hard work when faced with success.
GP Interviews: Davilex revives classic TV series by bringing Knight Rider to the world of video games
01/10/2003 10:15:00 AM     PC
David Hasselhoff may have retired Michael Knight a long time ago, but thanks to Davilex, gamers will be able to step inside Mr. Knight’s shoes and drive his fancy car in an all-new video game.  Wanting to know more about the game and its development process, GamingPolo met with Knight Rider designer Teun de Haas.

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