Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings

Publisher: Microsoft Corporation

Developer: Turbine Entertainment


Category: Role-Playing

Release Dates

N Amer - 11/22/2002

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Goodbye, New Dereth, I will always remember you fondly
Looking back on what Asheron’s Call 2 inspired in the wake of Turbine’s decision to close the game

The Faces We Choose in the Worlds We Visit
Perceptions can be dangerous things and lead to wrongful assumptions about the “good” or “evil” of a race

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First thoughts on the state of combat models in the realm of massively multiplayer games


Asheron's Call 2 to close at the end of the year
Turbine CEO states "it no longer makes sense to continue the service"

Turbine Offers Free-Play Campaign for Asheron's Call 2
Former Asheron’s Call 2 Subscribers Invited Back to Experience the Latest Updates to the Game for 30 Days Free

AC2 August patch will skill balance and apply new item, content and crafting changes
Patch will also apply minor fixes

Character diversity is key to team success in MMPs
Understanding each other’s role improves appreciation for different character classes

Turbine Release Preliminary Guide for AC2 June Patch
Content changes, fixes in store for gamers


Are you ready for the next generation of multiplayer role-playing games? Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings combines state of the art 3-D graphics , innovative combat and game-play and a dynamic monthly update system that immerses players in a lush, living world filled with danger and challenges. Asheron's Call 2 takes place in a fantasy world that has been devastated by a great disaster. You and your fellow players must venture forth and shape the course of this ever-evolving world.

Hardware Requirements

CD-ROM for Windows 98, Windows Me, Windows XP and Windows 2000 operating systems.


As of December 30, 2005 Turbine shut-down the game

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GP Rating


Reviewer: Michael Lafferty

Review Date: 12/02/2002

With a customizable gaming experience, and new graphics engine and combat system, Asheron’s Call 2 raises the bar for MMORPGs

Full Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings Review

GP Preview:

Michael Lafferty - 11/04/2002

Asheron’s Call 2 will certainly raise the bar for the online RPG genre

Full Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings Preview

GP Preview:

Michael Lafferty - 05/24/2002

First Look - E3 2002

Full Asheron's Call 2 Fallen Kings Preview

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