Publisher: TopWare Interactive

Developer: Destan Entertainment

Category: Action

Release Dates

Intl - TBA

N Amer - 08/01/2007

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Burn Fired up by Topware Interactive
The Destan Entertainment sleeper hit will be published by Topware Interactive on 8/1 in North America


Burn is a First Person Shooter. It is aimed at multiplayer battles, but single player can also find entertainment in a battle with bots. Maps designed for maximum dynamics of game-play, five types of characters and seven powerful weapons (each with alternative fire mode). Lots of bonuses make the game even more fun to play. Complex and realistic physics engine base on improved ODE (Open Dynamics Engine) makes the environment vulnerable to destruction and ragdoll makes death of characters more realistic.


  • Dynamic game-play
  • Interesting arenas
  • Unique weapons
  • Advanced AI
  • Multi player and single player modes
  • Dynamic music theme
  • Graphics improved by a modern technology

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