Publisher: Activision Inc.

Developer: Lionhead Studios


Category: Simulation

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N Amer - 06/06/2006

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E3 2006 First Look Preview

Lionhead Studios’ The Movies provided gamers with a unique take on the world of film when it was released last year. The game offered players the ability to create their own films and then submit them for perusal on the internet. This created a great online community for the game, and drew players together for the game. Now, Lionhead is releasing their first expansion to the hit game, titled The Movies: Stunts & Effects. This expansion adds stuntmen to the mix, opening the levee to death-defying stunts and excellent special effects. Stunts & Effects is shaping up to be a fun and impressive expansion pack that will appeal to The Movies’ huge fan base.

The Movies: Stunts & Effects allows players to utilize special effects and extreme stunts when creating their movies. You can either use a stuntman to do this or you can win some special points by using your actual actor to do this. However, your actor can in fact get hurt when this happens, not only costing you time and money, but you’ll also have to recast the role should your actor be too hurt. Using a stuntman will behoove you if the stunts are intense enough.

To keep your stuntmen in ship-shape condition, you have to train them and keep them sharp in their craft or else they’re likely to get injured themselves.

Aside from performing all-out stunts, you can use a fair amount of real-life special effects tactics, like green-screen and miniatures to add to the look of your film.

One thing that was highly requested by fans of the game and those in its online community was the inclusion of a free cam. Stunts & Effects brings this to fruition, allowing players the ability to move the camera around the action wherever they see fit, being able to control things like weather effects in order to get the best shot they can.

The Movies: Stunts & Effects is gearing up to be a great continuation of the beloved original game and will keep the rabid fan base happy when it’s released this summer.


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The first expansion pack to Activision’s film simulator is looking to bring all the bells and whistles of action movies to the game.

Reviewer: Steven Hopper

Review Date: 05/10/2006

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