Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

Developer: Massive Entertainment

Category: Strategy

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N Amer - 09/07/2007

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E3 2007 Preview

World in Conflict from Sierra is the company’s latest RTS game. The game offers a realistic wartime setting and very accessible controls geared towards players from all skill sets, as well as some very impressive DX10-enabled graphics, especially on a real-time strategy game. Check it out this September.

The game’s controls are very streamlined, making it easy for gamers to get into quickly. You use the WASD keys to move your position around the game field, and the mouse will control where you are looking, like in an FPS. You’re also able to get right into the action when playing a multiplayer match and you can be fighting within twenty seconds from beginning the game, without the need to sit around and farm a bunch of materials.

Once you get into the match, the game gets very deep. You’ll have a bunch of different tools at your disposal for defeating your enemies. You get access to real-world vehicles and weaponry, like Stinger missiles, helicopters, tanks, and even nuclear warheads a bit later on. These warheads will explode into giant mushroom clouds, blinding the camera and making the terrain around the blast area poisonous to your troops and units.

Multiplayer is pretty easy to get into as I mentioned before. You simply have to choose your side, then choose from one of four roles (Air, Support, Armor, and Infantry) each with their own unique strengths on the field, but ultimately geared to your preferred means of play. The online elements are all handled through Massgate, which is a streamlined lobby service created by developer Massive.

World in Conflict will boast a great looking DX10 feature set, including elements like deformable terrain, dynamic smoke and clouds (that separate when helicopters fly through them), and God Ray lighting that beams through the breaks in the clouds. It also features a mega-map that lets you zoom all the way out of the action.

World in Conflict is shaping up to be a solid and engaging strategy game with some deep elements that everyone should be able to get into easily. Check out the multiplayer beta now in progress to see what you think.

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Sierra’s latest RTS is looking great with DX 10 graphics and deep yet accessible gameplay.

Reviewer: Steven Hopper

Review Date: 07/12/2007

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