Publisher: CDV Software Entertainment

Developer: Legendo Entertainment


Category: Strategy

Release Dates

Intl - 07/30/2007

N Amer - 07/30/2007

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Billed as an arcade-action title, Attack on Pearl Harbor sports a very nice set up. This particular subject has been done before, sometimes in an extremely cheesy manner. Let’s face it, part of game has to deal with the preamble – the elements that lead up to the game’s hero being hip-deep in the action.

With Attack, the story is told through comic book panels and that works out rather well.

Legendo and CDV are behind this PC title, which is slated for release domestically in early July. The game has a couple of ways to play, either as the U.S. or the Japanese, in single player or multiplayer. The controls will accept a joystick or can be used with the mouse-and-keyboard configuration.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Screenshot

The game is set up in an arcade style with limited numbers of aircraft at your disposal. The game also has campaign and dogfight modes. In the campaign you fly as Douglas Knox for the U.S. and Zenji Yamada for the Japanese. There are five American fighters available: the F4U Corsair, the SBD Dauntless, TBM Avenger, Seafire F-MK-4S, and P-40 Warhawk. On the Japanese side, there are the A6M1 Zero, BSN1 Kate, D3A1 Val and J1N1 Gekko. There are five mission types: Air Battle, Bombing, Escort, Search and Destroy and Torpedo Mission. There are seven battle areas – Pearl Harbor, Wake Island, Coral Sea, Guadalcanal, the Philippine Sea, Saipan and Peliliu.

The game has a reward system and the game rolls through the zones easily. You start off as a fresh-faced pilot and then, after accruing 500 points, you are promoted to Lieutenant JG (Junior Grade). You can also earn medals and unlock other aircraft to fly.

It must be stated that this was only a preview build of the game with a big disclaimer stating that what was here may not be indicative of the final product. While it may not be, what is here is pretty darn good. The graphics are terrific. The comic panels do not prepare you for the great look of the game itself. The planes show damage, and you will see tracers lighting up the sky like deadly beams of light. Should the stream hit you, you will hear the plinking of bullets either bouncing off or penetrating your plane. The environments are also very well done. About the only detrimental thing to say about the game’s eye candy concerned flying through clouds. The plane blinked out and then came back. But generally this was not a problem simply because of the strong graphical elements during the rest of the game.

Attack on Pearl Harbor Screenshot

As for the controls … well, there is easy to use and then there is this title. No tricky take-offs or landings. Hit the space bar to take off and the end of the mission is all you need to get to; you don’t have to circle back around and land. A radar display will help you head in the right direction and arrows on the sides of the screens shows you where the targets are. You have a targeting reticule. When it turns red, you will hit your target. Dropping bombs is simple. The left mouse button takes care of the plane’s machine guns; the right mouse button drops your bombs. Hold down the right mouse button and you can watch them hit.

While the attack itself was not something that should be celebrated, this title does a good job of creating a combat arcade outing with ties to the event. The missions do not take overly long, so that may be a problem later in terms of replay but still this is a solid-looking title.

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Attack on Pearl Harbor offers solid arcade action elements with nice graphical elements

Reviewer: Michael Lafferty

Review Date: 06/07/2007

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