Depths of Peril
An Action-RPG of High Adventure and Barbarian Rivalry!

Depths of Peril is an outstanding blend of strategy with action-RPG hacking and slashing goodness that may surprise you. Depths of Peril is really about depth of game-play, and it offers many, many hours of thrilling entertainment in an RPG experience unlike any other.

The barbarian city of Jorvik is in peril. As the leader of one of several covenants, it is your obligation to defend it. But with the crisis comes opportunity, and a chance for your covenant to rise above the rest and unify the city under your own leadership through service, diplomacy, and even violence. Battle monsters and rivals with magic, special powers, and weaponry; explore worlds that are different every time you play; get involved with ever-changing dynamic quests that truly affect the city; compete with rival factions for recruits to your covenant; outfit your faction with the best equipment, books, and magical relics; and stand against attacks and sieges against the city in this awesome action-RPG.

If you have played other action-RPGs in the style of Diablo or Fate, you will be familiar with the core mechanics of Depths of Peril. You can choose from four very different classes (Warrior, Rogue, Priest, or Mage) with very options for customizing them as your progress along 100 levels of experience. Combat is fast, furious, and almost constant outside of the city. There are thousands of items to be discovered, dozens of places to explore than change from game to game, and hordes of monsters to kill.

But it doesn't stop there. The city of Jorvik is alive with constantly evolving danger and factional rivalry. Stuff happens with or without your involvement. Quests are dynamic and constantly changing. Once they become available, they may change over time or be completed by a rival covenant, or fail as things change. If all factions ignore the threat of a lone villainous "boss" monster in the wilderness, it may gather a following to become an even greater threat, and may eventually attack the city and make life even more difficult. NPCs may be slain or robbed by enemies who sneak into the city unchecked. The water supply may be poisoned, hurting everyone within the city. Or enemies may siege the gates of the city, bombarding it with explosive missiles until you or the other heroes in the city can lift the siege. In this way, Depths of Peril comes alive in a way that few other RPGs ever have.

Relationships with the other covenants is central to the game. In order to "win," you must either defeat all the other covenants in combat, or you must be the most powerful covenant and be allied with all surviving covenants. You may establish mutually beneficial trade routes, and valuable (but risky) treaties with your neighboring factions, exchange items and influence, compete against them for recruits or in quests, or launch raids and engage in open warfare against them.

Even when you win, you take your covenant with you - complete with all stored items and recruits - to the next "world" to compete once again for dominance and to continue the ongoing saga of the battle for Jorvik. There are separate difficulty controls to set the aggressiveness and power of the competition, as well as the difficulty of the monsters, so you can downplay the diplomatic challenges for a more straight-up contest of might against the monsters.

This combination of elements makes Depths of Peril a unique experience that is a shining example of what indie role-playing games can be. It is like a strategy game played through RPG monster-bashing prowess rather than through war-gaming skills. The evolving game-world keeps things exciting constantly, and forces you to evaluate priorities and decide not only what is best for your character, personally, but also what will be of greatest value to your covenant, and to the city as a whole.

If you consider yourself a fan of role-playing games, do yourself a favor and download Depths of Peril right away from these links. Try it out for free. And get ready to enjoy an RPG experience unlike any other!