Operation Flashpoint: Resistance Playable Demo Available For Download

New York – Wednesday, July 31, 2002 - Sample military action “Resistance style” with an all-new standalone playable demo of Operation Flashpoint’s new expansion, Resistance.  The PC standalone demo is now available for download from

This new Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo offers two action-packed missions - “Battlefields of Nogova” and “Battle of Modrava.”  Created exclusively for the demo, the missions are set on Nogova, the island introduced in the expansion’s campaign.

“Battlefields of Nogova” places players as part of an infantry squad, backed up by a tank platoon. The mission is to seize the fortified city of Modrava and hold it at any cost.
In “Battle of Modrava,” it’s time to command the troops. Descending from a secure position in the mountains, players must take out an enemy outpost before meeting up with the second team.  Then, the two teams proceed to the enemy’s base in the center of Modrava and eliminate the enemy.

The demo also showcases Resistance’s detailed terrain visuals. Using an enhanced graphics engine, with support for higher-resolution textures, there are more lighting effects and greatly increased draw distances, providing even more scenery to take cover behind, when in combat.  Previous demos for the Operation Flashpoint games have been incredibly popular; creating server meltdowns with millions of downloads worldwide.

The new Operation Flashpoint: Resistance demo is now, available for free, at


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