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Dead Reefs
by DreamCatcher

GP Rating:

A great story can’t rescue this game from the clutches of the interface

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Dead Reefs
A great story can’t rescue this game from the clutches of the interface
07/26/2007 5.5 5.3
Enemy Engaged 2
Enemy Engaged 2 isn’t exactly the most engaging game for the PC
07/26/2007 5.5 5.5
Overlord promotes evil over good, but sometimes good just sort of crops up
07/25/2007 8.5 7.9
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition
Lost Planet makes an appearance on the PC, but loses a bit in the translation.
07/24/2007 7.0 6.5
The Rise of Atlantis 1.0
A good puzzle game should be fun, addictive and easy to play.  Rise of Atlantis hits the mark in all three categories
07/24/2007 7.5 7.5
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Lara Croft Tomb Raider Anniversary is a wonderful journey with a good friend and gaming icon
07/20/2007 8.4 8.4
Scratches: Director's Cut
Turn out the lights and be prepared to be scared
07/19/2007 7.5 7.0
Dungeon Runners
Dungeon Runners does not push the MMO genre conceptually, but it does deliver in terms of casual hack ‘n slash fun
07/19/2007 8.0 7.8
Transformers: The Game
Transformers hits the PC, but I would hardly call it a hit!
07/16/2007 6.5 6.3
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars
Call for Heroes: Pompolic Wars is a shining example of mediocrity at its finest
07/09/2007 5.0 2.7
Sword of the Stars: Born of Blood
Born of Blood adds some nice new elements to bring back fans of the original game.
07/06/2007 7.5 7.4
Call of Juarez
A treat for Western fans
07/05/2007 8.3 7.4
Delaware St. John Volume 3: The Seacliff Tragedy
Use your flashlight as a weapon in a whole new way
07/02/2007 6.8 6.8
The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff
The Sims 2 H&M Fashion Stuff offers a nice selection of content for the base game and expansions
06/27/2007 6.5 6.5
Ancient Wars - Sparta
The age of true warfare was nurtured during these times, but how does that translate to the safety of your home?
06/27/2007 6.0 6.0
TrackMania United
The name says it all for TrackMania United.  Players around the world can unite and share their TrackMania experience
06/22/2007 7.9 7.7
Ingenious is ingenious in its combination of simple rules and complex strategy
06/22/2007 6.5 6.0
FreeStyle Street Basketball
Freestyle Street Basketball has some issues that can impede the fun, but when the game is working like it should, it can be very entertaining
06/20/2007 6.8 7.1
Nancy Drew: The White Wolf of Icicle Creek
The cold snow never looked so good before
06/20/2007 8.0 8.0
Mired by some annoyances, Shadowrun is a good first effort to combine online competition between PCs and Xbox 360 users using an action FPS as the setting.
06/14/2007 6.9 6.6
SpaceForce: Rogue Universe
SpaceForce: Rogue Universe has an admirable amount of depth, but the unintuitive interface and lack of a tutorial system are extremely frustrating.
06/13/2007 7.0 6.8
The Secrets of Atlantis
If you like adventure games that are a little hokey and not afraid of cliches, then this is the game for you
06/12/2007 7.8 7.8
Resident Evil 4
A direct port from the PS2… too bad my computer doesn’t have PS2 controller ports on it
06/08/2007 6.9 7.7
Circus Empire
Circus Empire offers hours of easy entertainment
06/07/2007 7.5 7.5
Theatre of War
Hardcore World War II enthusiasts will be pleasantly surprised with the realism that Theatre of War delivers.
05/31/2007 7.7 7.6
The struggle between good and evil cannot over the power of mediocre gameplay
05/30/2007 5.9 6.4
Spider-Man 3
Spiderman 3 is plagued with almost every movie franchise spin-off game—mediocrity
05/30/2007 6.8 6.2