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Mini Golf Pro
by TC Consulting

Play a cross between billiards, mini golf and an arcade puzzler. Make same-colored balls collide with each other, aim at targets and keep special items like fans and magnets in your calculations. More Info

Alice Greenfingers
by Arcade Lab

Step into the gardening business in this intriguing simulation game, where you build and decorate ...

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3D Live Pool
Get out your chalk, grab your favorite pool stick, and aim carefully. 3D Live Pool is an excellent pool simulator that puts you right in the game. If you want a fun, easy to use, and varied

Backspin Billiards
Choose your favorite from nine classic billiards games and get ready for some thrilling pool action. Play against a friend or the computer in 8-Ball, 9-Ball, Cutthroat and other great games. Or, for

Backyard Soccer
In Backyard Soccer, the Backyard Bunch returns for another fun-filled season of action-packed sports. This season, the kids really use their heads as they challenge other players to a friendly pickup

Bass Tournament Tycoon

Fishing fans and Tycoon gamers … this is your universe! Enjoy the first ever Bass Tournament Tycoon game. You can play as three unique identities … you can CREATE your dream bass

Cue Master Gold
Experience the most realistic pool available - Cue Master Gold. Cue Master challenges you with 7 different games and 3 computer skill levels. Practice your skills, play a friend, or take on the Guru.

Demolition Derby & Figure 8 Race
A demolition derby game that is true to the sport. No power ups. No killing pedestrians. Just a real demolition derby simulation. Cars crashing, stalling, restarting, flipping, denting, engines

Gutterball 3D
Gutterball 3D is a realistic bowling game featuring 3 unique alleys, 4 outrageous commentators, amazing realtime 3D physics, and fully customizable bowling balls (even add images from your hard

Kayak Extreme
Whitewater kayaking action, without the cold or risk of injury! This is an incredible kayaking simulation that has to be seen to be believed. Incredible white water effects and realistic kayaking

Mini Golf

Mini Golf is completely addicting sports & skill game fun.
Master your putting skills on the green with Mini Golf.

Mini Golf Gold
Look no further "fore" a simple yet fun mini golf game that the whole family will love. Once you step onto these links, you may never want to leave. Very simple controls mean first time duffers can

Mini Golf Megaworld
They say golf is a good walk spoiled. Mini Golf Megaworld delivers a great 3D mini golf experience right to your desktop. Putt your way through nine unique courses. Play smart, because your scores

Mini Golf Pro
Play a cross between billiards, mini golf and an arcade puzzler. Make same-colored balls collide with each other, aim at targets and keep special items like fans and magnets in your calculations.

Enjoy a motocross game that let you control where body weight placement and adjust the position of the bike based on the torque produced by the rear wheel. Unlike racing simulations, Motorama is

Pin High Country Club Golf
No need to wait for a tee time with this thrilling and realistic golf experience. Unbelievable graphics put you right on the fairway while an authentic soundtrack brings the outdoors direct to your

Sensational Soccer
Take control of your favorite soccer team in Sensational Soccer, the retro football action game! Ping one-touch passes around, dribble your way through the defense and place a curving shot in the top

SmallBall Baseball
SmallBall Baseball is a unique web-based sports game. SmallBall gives you your own team. You train your players and decide what positions they play. Then, when you're ready, you challenge other

SmallBall Football
Cultivate your own Soccer team in this unique and exciting online sports experience. As the owner, manager and coach of your very own team, it's up to you to name your players, assign them positions,

Snow boarder XS
Snow boarder XS is completely addicting sports & skill game fun.

Super Pool
Super Pool has the ease of play and excellent graphics you've come to expect from GameHouse. Choose from the overhead or hyper-real 3D cue stick view. Just line up and shoot. We've included six

Ten Pin Championship Bowling Pro
No need to lace up your shoes or polish your ball anymore! Excitingly realistic bowling comes to life on your PC with this amazing bowling sim. Choose your ball color and weight, choose your favorite

Touchdown Madness
It's the two-minute warning, you've got the ball, and all you have to do is put it in the end zone. Touchdown Madness takes all the thrills of the last few minutes of a football game and put it into

Toy Golf

The game itself is a mini-golf game with a twist, Toy Golf gives all the thrills of birdies and bogeys in the comfort of a house! Putt your way through the kitchen, study, living room and a number

Turbo Spirit XT
Turbo Spirit XT is completely addicting racing game fun. Jump onto your super-charged race bike and speed your way through 17 thrilling tracks. Turbo Spirit XT delivers awesome high speed racing

Verti Golf
Verti Golf is completely addicting sports & skill game fun. Verti Golf is great 3D minature golf fun with lots of great courses and obstacles to overcome.