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Final Fantasy II
by Square Enix, Inc.

Whether you tackled it before or have never been swept away by its intriguing story and engrossing action, this PSP port is one to watch

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Game Name Sorted Ascending Platform Date Previewed
Kameo: Elements of Power
From one console to the next, Kameo gets better with each generation.
360 05/19/2005
Kameo: Elements of Power
Startling, stunning and amazing adequately describe the graphics of Microsoft Corporation’s Xbox 360 exclusive title, Kameo: Elements of Power.
360 10/12/2005
Kane & Lynch: Dead Men
Brutally ruthless.
PS3 07/15/2007
Kane and Lynch: Dead Men
Brutally ruthless.
PC 07/15/2007
Karaoke Revolution Presents: American Idol
Now everyone can be an American Idol.
PS2 05/10/2006
Katamari Damacy
Katamari Damacy is an arcade-style game with a unique look and timed missions
PS2 08/25/2004
Kengo: Legend of the 9
Environmentally kill-friendly
360 07/16/2007
Namco presents a smart shooter game in kill.switch
PS2 07/21/2003
kill.switch Utilizes a New Offensive Cover System to add Intelligence to the Shooter Game
XB 09/30/2003
Get into the gritty action Online with Killzone on PS2.
PS2 10/01/2004
Almost two years of hype is enough to kill gamer’s patience.
PS2 09/14/2004
Killzone 2
Killzone 2 looks to be a benchmark FPS title for the PS3
PS3 07/11/2007
Killzone: Liberation
Killzone is gearing up to make a great transition to the PSP with top-down gameplay and smooth controls.
PSP 09/07/2006
Killzone: Liberation
Killzone: Liberation offers solid third-person shooter action
PSP 05/02/2006
King of Fighters 2006
Shouldn't have any trouble competing with the big boys on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3
PS2 06/02/2006
King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact
SNK’s 3D incarnation of their long-running fighting franchise gears up for an Xbox release, complete with Live support.
XB 05/02/2005
King Of Fighters: Maximum Impact
King of Fighters: Maximum Impact takes one of the most popular fighting games ever and puts it in an all-new 3D arena.
PS2 05/13/2004
King's Bounty
RPG meets TBS in Battlelord.
PC 05/12/2006
Kingdom Hearts
Kingdom Hearts will appeal to fans of Disney and Squaresoft action/adventure titles
PS2 05/25/2002
Kingdom Hearts II
The squeal to the outstanding SquareEnix/Disney title will impress fans of the first game and new fans.
PS2 05/19/2005
Kingdom Hearts II
If you know Disney, and if you know Final Fantasy, you WILL be enamored
PS2 03/20/2006
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories
Gameboy owners will now be able to enjoy the epic Disney - Square-Enix crossover title. 
GBA 05/14/2004
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
Can Microsoft guide this franchise in a whole new direction?  Kingdom Under Fire will need an advertising spree if Microsoft wants this to be more than a “indie” video game
360 11/03/2006
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
"It was an amazing scene to watch and to play since you can see soldiers as far as you can see fighting on the battle field."
XB 05/22/2005
Kingdom Under Fire: Heroes
The sequel to last year’s action/RTS sleeper hit should bring more of the same great gameplay with a new necessary tweaks and fixes to the formula
XB 09/15/2005
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders has a solid plot, great perspectives and dazzling graphical elements
XB 07/23/2004
Kirby™ Squeak Squad
More traditional than Kirby: Canvas Curse, the latest Kirby game is being designed for players of all skill levels.
NDS 05/11/2006
Knights of Honor
Conquer medieval Europe using your faithful knights in this strategy RTS.  
PC 05/18/2004
Knights of the Temple 2
Knights of the Temple 2 has a few rough edges but otherwise is a treat both in the aural and visual areas, while traversing dark locales in the 13th century
XB 11/09/2005
Korea: Forgotten Conflict
While there are a few problems that need some tending before the game’s release, Korea: Forgotten Conflict is shaping up to be a great RTS that sheds light on this once neglected war.
PC 09/17/2003