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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
by RedOctane

GP Rating:

Just like the title states, this is Guitar Hero “Encore.” Another great performance from last year’s tour

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Guitar Hero Encore: Rocks the 80s
Just like the title states, this is Guitar Hero “Encore.” Another great performance from last year’s tour
07/23/2007 8.0 7.8
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
If you like games that step outside the bounds of normality – games that defy reality and present the strangest imagery imaginable – Persona 3 is your RPG
07/23/2007 7.9 8.4
Hot Shots Tennis
The series known for its rule-bending golf franchise comes to tennis with mainstream gameplay, slightly hardcore challenges, and an excellent shot aiming system
07/18/2007 8.0 7.5
The Adventures of Darwin
In some respects, The Adventures of Darwin effectively mirrors Pikmin’s unique style. But it comes up short as a PS2 strategy game
07/09/2007 5.2 5.0
Transformers: The Game
Not much more than meets the eye
07/09/2007 6.7 6.3
Contains the ingredients for action/adventure success: great worlds, great controls, good music, cool bonuses, and a fair amount of replay value
07/03/2007 7.4 6.7
Hitman Trilogy
The Hitman Trilogy is the perfect set for anyone who hasn’t experienced these three classic games the first time around
07/02/2007 9.5 9.5
Raw Danger
In the end, Raw Danger is an emotional roller coaster of a game that places you in a disaster movie experience that’s very unforgettable despite its few flaws
07/02/2007 7.5 6.2
NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja 2
It’s a hard knock life for a ninja.
06/28/2007 7.2 7.3
Tomb Raider Anniversary
Even if you played this game before a long while back, Tomb Raider: Anniversary does bring some new features to make this a worthwhile remake of a true gaming classic
06/22/2007 8.5 8.2
I almost forgot I owned a PS2
06/19/2007 5.7 5.4
Real-time strategy from a different perspective, GrimGrimoire is a superb blend of battles that differ from the genre’s norms
06/11/2007 8.5 7.9
Dawn of Mana
As a loyal fan of the Mana series, Dawn of Mana is a hard game to recommend to anyone who has had a soft spot for the franchise or loves a good action/RPG.
06/01/2007 6.7 5.6