Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM

Publisher: NAMCO BANDAI Games America

Developer: Omega Force


# of Players: 1-2

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer - 08/28/2007

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  • 360


Melee Madness for Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM – Six Sagas Represented, Massive Battles, Trademark DW Gameplay and More
“We tried to do an actual physical count before, but gave up after we went past 150 mobile suits.”


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Powered by Omega Force, the legendary creators of Dynasty Warriors, Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM brings the fast-paced action-filled excitement and epic, cinematic gameplay experience of Dynasty Warriors to the futuristic battlegrounds of the rich Gundam universe. Players can assume the roles of the legendary heroes and villains of their choice and get in the cockpits of their favorite Mobile Suits, the ultimate weapons of war, to fight across a host of battlefields of the future—both terrestrial and stellar–at a lightning fast speed! Put your ever-strengthening will and skill to the test to turn the tides of battles as you lead your army of Mobile Suits against impossible odds!


  • From the legendary creators of the “Dynasty Warriors” series, a new generation of Gundam legend is born: Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM brings the fast-paced excitement and epic, cinematic action of the Dynasty Warriors franchise to the futuristic battlegrounds of the rich Gundam universe on the next generation platforms.
  • Exciting, fast-paced, epic, futuristic action!: Get in the cockpits of your favorite Mobile Suits, the ultimate weapons of war, and fight across a host of battlefields of the future rendered in high-definition graphics—both terrestrial and stellar–at a lightning fast speed!
  • Live as a legendary hero: Play out the action of the rich Gundam universe spanning from the Universal Century to the Future Century as any of your favorite heroes and villains! Turn the tides of battle as you lead your troops against impossible odds. Your ever-strengthening will and skills will determine the outcome of the wars simultaneously blazing throughout the Earth and outer space!
  • Dive into a new epic mythology like never before: Explore and live adventures in the rich and detailed setting of the Gundam multi-verse from a myriad of perspectives. Play through each story and marvel at the subtle twists as viewed through the new eyes of each character.
  • Dynamic gameplay modes from the proven franchise: Enjoy a variety of action-packed game modes: Official Mode; Original Mode; Versus Mode and more!
  • A galaxy of upgrade-able Mobiles Suits and characters! Choose your favorite characters and Mobile Suits from more than 6 different epic animated TV series based on the Gundam universe and strategically strengthen their power, skills, and abilities at your preference.

GamingPolo's Review/Preview

GP Preview:

Louis Bedigian - 07/16/2007

Making Dynasty Warriors cool again.

Full Dynasty Warriors:GUNDAM Preview

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