Dungeons & Dragons®: Tactics

Publisher: Atari

Developer: Kuju Entertainment


Category: Role-Playing

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N Amer - 07/31/2007

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"D&D Tactics has developed its own style while still rendering a credible 3D world"


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Dungeons & Dragons®: Tactics offers an original storyline, filled with intrigue, set in a newly created D&D world. Alignment is critical, as it affects the end of the story and allows players to change from good to evil, or the other way around, depending on which quests they choose.

Dungeons & Dragons®: Tactics will take full advantage of the PSP system’s wireless capability allowing gamers to play cooperatively through the single-player campaign with their friends, or take them on in a variety of adversarial game modes. Play will be extended through the use of downloadable content. With all of this and much more, Dungeons & Dragons®: Tactics is the ultimate handheld game for D&D fans!


  • Deep and exciting turn-based gameplay that uses the D&D 3.5 rule-set;
  • All core races and classes are available, plus the addition of Psionics;
  • Highly customizable characters can be created and traded between players via wireless;
  • Involving story takes the player to a wide variety of authentic D&D environments;
  • Battle many different types of monsters from the D&D universe;
  • Play with your friends wirelessly in both cooperative and adversarial game modes;
  • Extend the gameplay experience with downloadable content.

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Michael Lafferty - 05/02/2006

D&D Tactics takes the Dungeons & Dragons game to a place it has never been - the PSP

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