July 23, 2007

Ultimate Ninja Heroes Invited to New NARUTO Website

NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. has announced the launch of a new community website to celebrate NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes, the first NARUTO game for the PSP. Based on the popular animated TV series SHONEN JUMP NARUTO from VIZ Media, NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes is scheduled to be available this August, and ninja everywhere can visit for an inside look at the features, graphics, and characters from the highly-anticipated title.

Ninja fans worldwide can log in and explore the techniques and stories behind their favorite NARUTO characters from the game, including Sasuke, Rock Lee, Sakura, and Naruto himself. Trailers, screenshots, artwork and more await on the site, as well as NARUTO newsletters and fan resources. Additionally, all Hidden Leaf Village residents are invited to enter the Hokage's Room, the ultimate NARUTO community site where users can access fan forums, unique ninja missions, and chances to win exclusive NARUTO gear.

For additional information regarding the new website or NARUTO: Ultimate Ninja Heroes please visit: or

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