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Dead Reefs
by DreamCatcher

GP Rating:

A great story can’t rescue this game from the clutches of the interface

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Game Name Sorted Ascending Platform Date Reviewed Review Rating Avg. Rating
B-17 Fortress in the Sky
B-17 has potentially good ideas but is sorely lacking in most aspects and feels like an incomplete game
NDS 07/11/2007 5.0 4.5
Back to Stone
An imaginative but flawed adventure
GBA 02/14/2007 6.8 6.1
Backyard Baseball
There’s a lot to like about Backyard Baseball and gamers young and old can appreciate its truly appealing and addictive style of baseball. 
PS2 04/25/2004 8.0 8.0
Backyard Baseball
Hotdogs, popcorn, nachos, you can almost smell the food in this fun "backyard" baseball game for the kids.
GC 06/13/2003 7.8 7.8
Backyard Baseball
Let's Play Ball!
GBA 07/26/2002 8.8 8.8
Backyard Baseball 2007
Hits a homerun for those who have yet to play in the “Backyard.”
PS2 10/02/2006 7.0 5.4
Backyard Baseball 2007
Spring is the in the air and Baseball season is here!
GC 04/19/2007 6.8 6.8
Backyard Baseball 2007
Backyard Baseball 2007 has many frustrations that detract from the fun
PC 10/16/2006 5.2 3.6
Backyard Basketball 2007
Kids who want a quick and easy game that’s fun to play, has a nice variety of power-ups, and offers something different from the norm will be amused by what Backyard Basketball 2007 has to offer
PS2 02/26/2007 6.3 5.3
Backyard Football
Backyard Football has gone 3D, and lost something in the translation
GC 12/02/2002 6.9 6.9
Backyard Football
The game is fun enough for fans of football, but is so simplified that losing is pretty hard to do.
GBA 01/24/2003 7.6 7.6
Backyard Football 2007
Retro, side-by-side football for the handheld equivalent to the SNES
GBA 10/03/2006 6.2 6.2
Backyard Hockey
Backyard Hockey drops the puck in terms of graphics, sound and personality – elements that are the hallmark of the series
GBA 11/18/2003 6.0 6.0
Backyard Wrestling 2: There Goes The Neighborhood
Everything you hated about the last game makes its return in Backyard Wrestling 2, a sequel that just isn’t fun enough to recommend to fans of wrestling games
PS2 12/16/2004 5.0 4.1
Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home
“Don’t try this at home” is the motto for Backyard Wrestling, and for some gamers this might be case with the game.
PS2 10/20/2003 7.0 4.8
Backyard Wrestling: Don't Try This At Home
Backyard Wrestling could have been one of those great alternatives to the WWE wrestling titles, but its many flaws are just too numerous to make this one any fun. 
XB 11/21/2003 6.5 5.2
Bad Boys: Miami Takedown
If a game has the word “bad” in the title, never expect too much from it…..
PS2 10/11/2004 3.1 3.2
Bad Mojo
Bad Mojo is still a unique and compelling game even after all these years.
PC 12/09/2004 8.5 8.1
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldur’s Gate scaled down to travel size … cool!
GBA 02/10/2004 7.5 7.0
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance has some problems but is a terrific RPG game for the GameCube
GC 12/23/2002 8.8 8.1
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance is an exceedingly enjoyable RPG that aficionados of the genre will thoroughly take pleasure in playing. 
XB 12/20/2002 8.9 8.5
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 2
Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance 2 is engrossing, challenging and a great deal of fun
PS2 01/13/2004 8.7 7.9
Banjo Pilot
Banjo Pilot is one of those games that aren’t big on originality but it excels in what it set out to do: bring us a racing game that’s truly addictive in every sense
GBA 02/08/2005 8.2 7.2
Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge
Far from the perfect platform game, Banjo-Kazooie: Grunty’s Revenge is still fun enough to keep you playing until the very end.  
GBA 10/13/2003 8.2 7.4
Barbarian is not a solid fighting game but its attempt to blend elements of RPG keeps this game from being a fighter with not much to offer fight fans.
PS2 07/15/2002 5.9 6.7
Barbie and the Magic of Pegasus
You’re getting sleepy, veeerrryyy sleepy.  No, it’s not hypnosis, it’s this game.
GBA 10/05/2005 6.0 6.0
Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper
Girls can continue the fun with Barbie as the Princess and the Pauper with this easy platformer designed just for kids..
GBA 09/17/2004 7.5 5.8
Barbie Groovy Games
A surprisingly good collection of games that proves there's more to Barbie than clothes and makeup.
GBA 09/25/2002 8.4 5.7
Barbie Horse Adventures: Blue Ribbon Race
Come join Barbie as she races in different horse show events to earn money to adopt horses.
GBA 09/30/2003 7.0 7.0
Barbie Horse Adventures: Wild Horse Rescue
Parents, no need to put a stable out back for that pony. Your girls can get their horse riding fix right here.
PS2 11/22/2003 8.8 6.0
The secret lives of animals revealed!
GC 08/29/2006 7.1 7.1
Who says you have to wait till ‘open season’ to be a party animal!?
PS2 08/09/2006 7.7 7.1
If your morning alarm clock is powered by chicken-feed, you’ll feel quite at home with one
PC 09/06/2006 7.5 6.9
Come hang out with the Jersey cows in Barnyard, but be sure to have your traveling shoes on!
GBA 08/16/2006 7.5 6.1
Barrow Hill: Curse of the Ancient Circle
Barrow Hill offers another quality point-and-click gaming experience that will definitely please fans of the genre
PC 09/11/2006 7.6 7.0
Baseball Advance
Baseball Advance, for the GBA, may have a few stumbles, but it is an enjoyable day at the park
GBA 04/19/2002 7.8 8.3
Baseball Mogul 2003
With Major League players in the lineup, Baseball Mogul rounds third and heads for home
PC 06/21/2002 8.4 7.6
Baseball Mogul 2008
Baseball Mogul 2008 has some errors, but still fields up a fun and entertaining experience
PC 04/26/2007 7.5 7.6
Baten Kaitos Origins
Baten Kaitos Origins might not be as brilliant as the first game in the series but it is still a role-playing game worth your time and money if you’re looking for a good RPG for your GameCube
GC 10/18/2006 8.2 7.7
Baten Kaitos: Eternal Wings and the Lost Ocean
Eternally entertaining.
GC 11/22/2004 8.5 8.2
Batman Begins
Is this the end?
PS2 06/27/2005 5.9 6.6
Batman Begins
Fear is your most effective weapon
XB 06/27/2005 6.1 6.6
Batman Begins
No doubt about it, Batman Begins is the best GameCube game based on the Caped Crusader thus far but that doesn’t mean it’s perfect either
GC 06/29/2005 7.2 7.1
Batman Vengeance
Batman Vengeance is a year-old game newly ported to the PC that plunges players into a world of bad camera angles and overwrought control elements
PC 10/23/2002 7.0 6.2
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Beat 'em up, kick 'em out, rawhide! You'll find yourself humming these words to the old TV show theme song as you beat up endless thugs in a game that strangely reminds one of a cattle drive.
GC 12/09/2003 7.0 6.4
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Holy thumb smashing gameplay Batman!
PS2 11/06/2003 7.2 6.2
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Holy Handheld Batman!
GBA 11/22/2003 6.9 5.9
Batman: Rise of Sin Tzu
Batman's latest adventure might not impress much, but it can offer a few hours of solid gameplay.
XB 12/08/2003 6.5 6.3
Battalion Wars
Battalion Wars stays true to its strategic roots, and offers up a difficult but exciting experience
GC 10/11/2005 8.0 7.3
Battle Engine Aquila
Fast action, lots of enemies and the unique transforming ships make Aquila one of the season's standout games.
PS2 03/03/2003 7.5 7.0
Battle Engine Aquila
Battle Engine Aquila has its share of weak spots here and there, but its action-packed levels and nifty extras will keep mech fans more than happy.
XB 02/24/2003 8.2 7.5
Battle Engine Aquila
Battle Engine Aquila is a solid arcade mech game with an innovative take on the genre.
PC 11/13/2003 7.9 6.5
Battle of Europe
Fly the “not so friendly skies” of WWII in Battle of Europe
PC 05/01/2006 6.7 6.0
Battle Realms: Winter of the Wolf
“Lead your fellow canine out of the slavery that has been brought upon them by the evil Yvaine, and you’ll finally have your freedom.”
PC 12/03/2002 8.5 6.6
BattleBots: Beyond The BattleBox
Build robots and destroy opponents in a game that’s about as long as an episode on TV.
GBA 01/07/2003 6.0 4.8
Battlecruiser Millennium Gold
This is the perfect game for interstellar explorers who have a lot of time on their hands.
PC 05/23/2003 7.0 7.1
Battlefield 1942
Battlefield 1942 lets you experience WWII unlike any other game ever has; it's just plain awesome!
PC 10/03/2002 8.7 8.9
Battlefield 1942: Deluxe Edition
You must buy this game now!
PC 11/06/2003 9.3 9.3
Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons of WWII
EA continues the fun and addictive Battlefield 1942 experience with Secret Weapons of WWII.
PC 09/14/2003 9.1 8.2
Battlefield 1942: The Road to Rome
"Multi-player will be that much more fun with this new expansion!"
PC 02/13/2003 8.5 8.4
Battlefield 2
"Battlefield 2… You just Gotta Have it!"
PC 07/27/2005 9.2 8.9
Battlefield 2142
The future looks bleak in Battlefield 2142
PC 11/22/2006 8.0 8.2
Battlefield 2142: Northern Strike
“If BF2142 was not enough, now even more cool content is available for all Battlefield 2142 fans to cherish”
PC 03/17/2007 8.0 7.9
Battlefield 2: Armored Fury
The second booster pack for Battlefield 2 brings the conflict to American soil.
PC 06/05/2006 8.5 7.6
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
War on a modern level
XB 11/10/2005 8.0 7.8
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
The Battlefield series has delighted PC gamers with its amazing multiplayer action but on the PS2 Battlefield 2 will not disappoint in the very least
PS2 11/09/2005 8.2 7.7
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat
It might not be a whole new monster in terms of new content and visual dazzle but the improvements just make this a good version of a good game that came out last year.
360 04/21/2006 8.0 7.9
Battlefield 2: Special Forces
BF2 Special Forces adds new gadgets, weapons and maps to the popular Battlefield 2 game
PC 12/12/2005 9.0 8.0
Battlefield Vietnam
Relive jungle combat in the 1960’s with Battlefield Vietnam.
PC 03/28/2004 9.0 8.7
Battlefield: Vietnam Redux
Battlefield: Vietnam Redux has the original BFV plus some patches and the WWII mod in a newly released package
PC 04/10/2005 6.5 6.5
Battleship / Trouble / Connect Four / Sorry!
No more cheating without anyone looking
NDS 05/01/2007 5.1 5.8
Battleship: Surface Thunder
This game is one of the best battle games on the market.
PC 11/21/2000 9.5 7.3
Battlestar Galactica Old
Warping back into the retro Galaxy is a challenging offering that will send you out of orbit-- fast!
XB 12/09/2003 7.0 7.0
Battlestar Galactica Old
Pilot various ships as you battle the Cylon menace
PS2 12/18/2003 8.0 7.0
Battlestations: Midway
Battlestations: Midway for the Xbox 360 is a surprisingly gratifying game that effectively blends both action and strategy and thus makes this a game that fans of both genres can like
360 02/12/2007 8.0 7.5
Battlestations: Midway
Battlestations: Midway is more than “just another WWII game...”
PC 02/22/2007 8.2 8.3
BCT Commander
Heads Up to all hard-core Tactical Simulator fans, with BCT Commander, you can own the battlefield.
PC 03/26/2002 7.5 7.0
Beach Head 2000
This is a mindless little distraction that requires reflexes, not brains.
PC 07/16/2000 6.5 4.3
Beach Head 2002
"Not 10, not 20, not even 50, but 108 levels of play!"
PC 12/20/2001 7.0 5.6
Beach Spikers
If you have a lot of friends, you'll be pleased with Beach Spikers.
GC 08/31/2002 7.7 7.8
Beam Breakers
Beam Breakers provides a pretty fun, high speed chase through a futuristic city … all about 200 feet or more above the ground.
PC 11/05/2002 7.3 5.9
Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance
Beatdown: Fists of Vengeance does possess many interesting elements but they are overshadowed by the game’s hard to ignore blemishes
XB 09/07/2005 5.0 5.4
Beat Down: Fists of Vengeance
Beat down…..what an aptly named game….
PS2 09/06/2005 4.1 4.6
Can you keep up?
PS2 04/11/2006 8.0 6.9
One of the most addicting games on the net!
PC 02/01/2004 9.6 7.8
With insipid AI and pretty average gameplay, Besieger doesn’t really stand out against the current crop of RTS games.
PC 06/16/2004 6.5 5.2
BeyBlade Super Tournament Battle
When is a game not really a game?
GC 10/24/2003 5.0 5.0
BeyBlade VForce Ultimate Blader Jam
Spinning tops battle in a fight to the finish
GBA 12/22/2003 7.9 7.9
Beyond Divinity
Talk about irony….
PC 05/05/2004 8.0 7.4
Beyond Good & Evil
A picture perfect tale…
GC 12/31/2003 9.2 8.6
Beyond Good & Evil
A great story, fun gameplay, and a slick presentation come together to make an extremely engaging game.
PC 01/07/2004 9.5 8.2
Beyond Good & Evil
An inspired journey from start to finish.
PS2 12/02/2003 9.5 8.2
Beyond Good & Evil
Beyond Good & Evil will hook you with its unique style, colorful characters and surprisingly addictive universe filled with plenty to do. 
XB 12/21/2003 9.2 8.5
Beyond the Law: The Third Wave
Beyond the Law: The Third Wave is an average strategy game that might have some gamers saying “Forget about it.”
PC 04/27/2004 6.3 4.1
Bicycle Casino Games
Gambling on the PC in a virtual casino is a great way to practice before real money is on the line!
PC 02/09/2005 7.0 7.0
Bicycle Casino Includes: Texas Hold'em
Finally!  A review I can say 'crap' over and over again!  Bicycle Casino won't satisfy the highest of high rollers, but it does feature an excellent Texas Hold 'Em Xbox Live feature.
XB 12/23/2004 6.5 6.5
Big Bass Fishing
Want to reel 'em in without getting up before the sun does? With this title, you won't even need a license!!
PSX 05/21/2002 7.0 4.5
Big Brain Academy
What does your brain weigh?
NDS 07/06/2006 8.2 7.5
Big Bumpin'
Should you be afraid of iconic royalty that goes BUMP in the night? 
XB 12/08/2006 7.0 6.3
Big Mutha Truckers
Despite its amusing tone, gamers will find it difficult to really get into the trucking fun Big Mutha Truckers has to offer
PS2 07/06/2003 6.0 6.1
Big Mutha Truckers
Big Mutha Truckers falls short in so many things that would have made this one a really fun game to try out when gamers get tired of fancy street racing. 
XB 07/05/2003 6.5 5.7
Big Mutha Truckers 2
Even as a budget title, Big Mutha Truckers 2 just doesn’t have what it takes to rise above its weaknesses to be the fun trucking game that it could have been
PS2 09/06/2005 5.2 4.9
Big Mutha Truckers 2
You’d think the sequel would improve the imperfection of the first game but Big Mutha Truckers 2 is actually a step down from a game that was actually kind of fun
XB 09/06/2005 5.6 5.6
Big Scale Racing
While the game is laid out well it lacks in some major areas that really show in this game.
PC 09/10/2002 5.0 5.7
Billy Hatcher and the Giant Egg
Billy Hatcher is an addictive platformer for anyone who loves Super Monkey Ball.
GC 09/28/2003 7.8 7.2
An unfortunately frustrating game
PC 11/25/2003 4.0 5.1
Help protect the island of Mata Nui in Lego’s popular Bionicle series for the PS2.
PS2 11/04/2003 7.6 5.4
BIONICLE HEROES is very repetitious and simplistic
PC 12/29/2006 6.0 4.8
Bionicle may come from the lego franchise, but this is no lego Star Wars
GC 12/19/2006 5.1 4.5
Bionicle Heroes
Robots with guns are supposed to be fun.
360 12/13/2006 5.9 5.8
What's a first-person shooter without any action?
PS2 12/17/2006 4.9 5.3
Bionicle: Matoran Adventures
Bionicle: Matoran Adventures has some nice elements but only average arcade game play
GBA 11/20/2002 7.2 5.1
Freshly brewed. No cream or sugar added.
PS2 03/07/2006 8.4 7.7
Channeling all of the huge action movies of yore, BLACK is a fun and exciting shooter, albeit one with a few glaring flaws.
XB 03/08/2006 8.7 7.8
Black & Bruised
Zany and often hilariously fun, Black & Bruised comes in strong and looses its steam way before the final round. 
PS2 02/07/2003 6.5 6.0
Black & Bruised
“Although very pretty, Black & Bruised won’t appeal to serious boxing fans.”
GC 02/10/2003 6.9 6.3
Black & White 2
Being a God is such hard work….
PC 10/18/2005 9.0 7.4
Black & White 2: Battle of the Gods
Do you have a god complex?  If so, Black & White may be the series you need to become addicted to
PC 06/05/2006 7.0 7.3
Black & White: Creature Isles
Fans of Black & White will rejoice now that finally there’s an expansion for it.
PC 02/08/2002 8.7 7.6
Black Stone: Magic & Steel
Black Stone Magic & Steel is an arcade RPG clone of Gauntlet Dark Legacy
XB 02/10/2003 7.2 5.4
Another old classic makes it return to the Gameboy Advance.
GBA 10/23/2003 7.2 6.9
Blade & Sword
What happens when you cross Ancient China with Diablo? Blade & Sword.
PC 01/20/2004 6.4 5.3
Blade Dancer
Blade Dancer doesn’t stray from the tired formula of classic Japanese role-playing games when it comes to the storytelling and cast of characters
PSP 08/02/2006 6.9 6.4
Blade II
Attempting to rid the world of vampires might sound super cool, but Blade 2 just isn’t thrilling or fun enough to be worthwhile. 
XB 09/22/2002 5.0 4.9
Blade II
You would think that they could make a fun game out of a fun movie, but Blade II does not come close to touching the wild action and appealing story that made the films such a delight to watch.
PS2 09/22/2002 4.8 4.8
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
In the end, Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII for the Wii repeats many of the weak spots that made the other next-generation versions such a dull experience.
WII 05/03/2007 6.0 5.2
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
Flying can be so fun.
360 04/12/2006 7.4 6.7
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII
The good news is you can use the six-axis controller to fly the plane; the bad news is that the game is merely average
PS3 01/11/2007 6.8 6.6
Blender Bros.
Flaws in Blender Bros.’ gameplay, for the GBA, hamper an otherwise pleasant diversion
GBA 05/01/2002 6.8 7.3
Blinx 2: Masters of Time & Space
The sequel to a somewhat lackluster platformer fixes practically everything bad about the first while adding an entirely new way to play the game.
XB 12/06/2004 8.2 7.1
Blinx: The Time Sweeper
Blinx: The Time Sweeper is a unique action/adventure that'll leave you purring for more.
XB 10/28/2002 8.0 7.1
Finally! A really good WWII RTS title chock full of historical accuracy and a lot of fun.
PC 04/22/2003 8.9 7.3
Blitzkrieg 2
A WWII RTS that should do a fine job of keeping gamers happy!
PC 10/18/2005 8.2 7.9
Blitzkrieg 2: Fall of the Reich
Has the tide of war finally turned?  Will the Nazis finally come out on top?  Not if Blitzkrieg has anything to say about it
PC 02/22/2007 5.9 5.8
Blitzkrieg Rolling Thunder
Blitzkrieg: Rolling Thunder has a solid AI and is challenging, but graphically it is a bit dated
PC 01/11/2005 7.5 7.2
Blitzkrieg: Burning Horizon
A heavy strategy title to sink your teeth into
PC 06/02/2004 7.4 7.3
Blood Omen 2
An intriguing storyline helps carry Blood Omen 2 past the fangs of graphical flaws
XB 05/03/2002 7.0 7.5
Blood Omen 2
Kain, the cruelest vampire on the planet, awakens on the PC!
PC 05/03/2002 7.8 7.4
Blood Omen 2
Blood Omen 2 has some solid concepts, but the game is a touch too simplistic
GC 01/07/2003 7.6 6.4
Blood Omen 2
If you love the Legacy of Kain series, you'll love Blood Omen 2.
PS2 05/06/2002 7.0 7.0
Blood Will Tell
Blood might tell a lot about the content, but the gameplay doesn’t say much of anything.
PS2 09/29/2004 6.0 6.9
BloodRayne is not mind-blowing, and it does have its flaws – but it’s a lot of fun!
PC 10/13/2003 7.6 6.6
Like a good horror movie, BloodRayne is one of those guilty pleasures that will be sure to keep those action gamers’ thirst for action more than quenched. 
PS2 10/27/2002 8.4 7.3
BloodRayne packs an amazing amount of depth, challenge and excitement.
GC 10/20/2002 8.8 7.5
She takes a "bite" out of crime!
XB 10/18/2002 8.1 7.4
BloodRayne 2
BloodRayne 2 is a very worthwhile sequel that keeps the action (and blood) satisfyingly fresh. 
XB 10/25/2004 8.2 7.3
Bloody Roar 4
Let out a mighty ROAR!
PS2 12/17/2003 6.0 6.1
Bloody Roar Extreme
Bloody Roar Extreme is a simple yet mindlessly fun fighter on the Xbox
XB 06/10/2003 6.8 6.7
Bloody Roar: Primal Fury
This 3-D game by Activision is a graphically superb experience with solid, although not as detailed fighting controls, and can prove to be fun for the new gamer as well as fighting game veterans.
GC 04/14/2002 8.5 7.2
At best, BMX XXX is a weekend rental for the sheer enjoyment of playing a game that is not afraid to be completely crude yet different.
PS2 12/05/2002 6.2 5.8
Boiling Point
Looking for a reason to upgrade your PC?
PC 06/17/2005 6.9 6.2
Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django
25% UV ray detected.  Sunscreen not included.
GBA 11/01/2004 7.0 8.0
Bombastic blows away all other Playstation 2 puzzlers.
PS2 09/17/2003 8.2 7.6
BomberFun puts something back into gaming that seems to be lacking in many of them … FUN!
PC 12/05/2002 7.9 7.9
The Bomberman we all know and love arrives in to the N-Gage just the way we remember him.
NG 09/08/2004 6.0 6.1
Bomberman makes a good impression on the PSP and while it seems a bit easier thanks to its newest feature, this is still a fun action-packed puzzle game fit for fans of the genre
PSP 09/22/2006 7.5 7.2
Bomberman Classic NES
A classic game that didn't age as well as we had hoped, Bomberman is a must-have for those who already know they must have it
GBA 07/01/2004 6.5 6.3
Bomberman Generation
This is one explosive game that doesn't blow!
GC 06/18/2002 7.8 7.8
Bomberman Jetters
Bomberman's latest contains a decent single-player quest, but multiplayer is still the best reason to boot up the White Bomber's game.
GC 04/02/2004 8.0 7.1
Bomberman Live
Bomberman is back with a vengeance
360 07/23/2007 8.5 8.2
Bomberman Max 2: Red Advance
Collect, raise, breed, and battle cute and cuddly animals in the newest version of this long-running franchise!
GBA 06/21/2002 7.6 7.5
Bomberman: Act Zero
Speaking of bombs…
360 09/05/2006 3.0 3.1
Bone: Out from Boneville
Bone: Out of Boneville lacks fresh arcade elements, but it does have charm
PC 01/06/2006 7.0 6.3
Bone: The Great Cow Race
Run, Gran'Ma, Run!
PC 04/21/2006 7.5 8.0
Bookworm Deluxe
A fun way to spend your free time!
PC 02/03/2004 7.5 8.7
Boulder Dash M.E. 2
The classic action-puzzler feels right at home on the mobile platform and should appeal to hardcore gamers and casual gamers alike.
MB 04/13/2006 8.0 7.6
Boulder® Dash EX
I get the “Boulder Dash” part but what is the “EX” for?  Who cares, with a feature-rich title like this names are just a formality.
GBA 10/08/2002 7.8 7.3
Bounty Hounds
Bounty Hounds has all the right moves and a good story to boot but fails to rise above the hardware’s limitations or its repetitive combat.
PSP 10/20/2006 6.9 6.9
Brain Age: Train Your Brain in Minutes a Day
Brain Age will make you think, but it won’t frustrate you in the process
NDS 06/29/2006 7.5 7.8
Brain Boost: Beta Wave
Edutainment on the DS, minus all the fun
NDS 12/19/2006 4.4 4.7
Brain Boost: Gamma Wave
Brain Boost: Gamma Wave – homework on your DS
NDS 01/02/2007 4.3 4.7
Brain Buster Puzzle Pak
Proof that if you wrap a popular puzzle game with four other unknown games, you can have a decent title
NDS 07/16/2007 7.0 7.0
Bratz Rock Angelz
Bratz Rock Angelz is a funny, entertaining game that girls will be clamoring for this Christmas
PC 11/08/2005 8.0 7.8
Bratz Rock Angelz
In the end, Bratz Rock Angelz is a cute, stylish and fun game for any girl that loves all things Bratz
PS2 11/02/2005 7.8 7.7
Brave: The Search for Spirit Dancer
Bravely going where other games have gone before
PS2 04/02/2007 5.7 6.5
Break'em All
Break ‘em All revitalizes an old formula with the best controls and new boss challenges
NDS 06/26/2006 7.0 7.1
Breakdown is a poorly executed game with an original concept that is held back by its repetitive action and uninteresting world. 
XB 03/18/2004 7.5 7.3
The concept is one of good versus evil and you have to plan your strategy to win.
PC 11/16/2000 9.0 7.4
Breath of Fire II
If there was an award for “Best RPG to play while waiting in line for Star Wars,” Breath of Fire II would surely win. 
GBA 04/22/2002 8.5 8.0
Breath of Fire: Dragon Quarter
Congratulations, your BoF is SoL.
PS2 03/11/2003 8.7 7.6
"A FPS with Halo and BF 1942 like qualities could have been a contender for few gaming awards this year.
PC 04/26/2004 6.9 5.0
Brickshooter Egypt
There's more to do in the Middle East than just searching for WMD's. You can also refurbish pyramids-- from your desk! 
PC 11/11/2006 6.5 6.8
Brigade E5: New Jagged Union
Brigade E5: New Jagged Union looks like a dated game and gameplay features prove more frustrating than fun
PC 12/07/2006 4.0 4.2
Britney's Dance Beat
Britney’s Dance Beat is more of a novelty item than an actual game.
GBA 04/14/2002 3.5 5.4
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars sports amazing graphical elements, and a solid plot
GBA 03/27/2002 8.9 8.3
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon is quite linear in design, but is a well-rendered family-adventure title
XB 11/26/2003 8.3 7.9
Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon
Adventure gaming at its best.
PC 12/03/2003 8.4 8.1
Brooktown High: Senior Year
Brooktown High is wasted potential that would have made for a truly interesting and enjoyable title that fits on the palm of your hands
PSP 06/06/2007 5.5 4.7
Brothers in Arms D-Day
Brothers in Arms: D-Day for the PSP could have been a truly amazing portable first-person shooter but thanks to a number of flaws, it ends up being a passable experience
PSP 12/26/2006 7.0 5.8
Brothers In Arms Earned In Blood
Brothers in Arms: Earned in Blood sports new multiplayer modes and an incredible AI upgrade to go with solid graphics and spot-on audio
XB 10/07/2005 8.9 8.5
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
BIA is in the newest WWII shooter for the PC that adds a bit of strategy to really immerse you in the game
PC 03/28/2005 8.5 8.8
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
While it doesn’t make any huge changes from the original released almost three years ago, it still holds up very well in terms of gameplay
PS2 04/05/2005 8.5 8.1
Brothers In Arms: Road to Hill 30
There are first-person shooter war games on the Xbox and then there’s Brothers in Arms . . . a shooter that’s both powerfully moving and intensely exciting for start to finish. 
XB 03/13/2005 9.5 9.1
Bruce Lee: Quest of the Dragon
It was disappointing to play Bruce Lee for the first time because I found out that another good concept had been lost to insane technical issues.
XB 07/18/2002 4.8 3.6
Brute Force
This game is not a Halo clone like you might expect, but Halo's DNA was definitely used in the creation of Brute Force.
XB 05/28/2003 8.6 7.6
Bubble Bobble Evolution
Bubble Bobble Evolution for the PSP is a giant step in the wrong direction for the franchise and if you loved the original just as much as I do you should seriously avoid this one.
PSP 02/07/2007 5.0 4.6
Bubble Bobble Revolution
More bubble for your bobble, but not quite a revolution
NDS 10/09/2006 6.0 4.4
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
You don’t have to be a fan of the show to enjoy this action-packed game that, aside from looking really good, is both fun and highly addictive. 
XB 08/29/2002 8.8 8.1
Buffy the Vampire Slayer Wrath of the Darkhul King
Wrath of the Darkhul King has all the right Buffy the Vampire Slayer elements but, ultimately, its blood is tainted by its impossible-to-ignore faults. 
GBA 07/18/2003 5.9 4.2
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Predictable, but fun.
GC 09/20/2003 7.4 7.4
Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Chaos Bleeds
Chaos Bleeds is not as polished as the first Buffy Xbox game, but it certainly is fun enough to satisfy action gamers and fans of the show.
PS2 09/20/2003 8.2 7.2
Bullet Witch
Save a bullet to put this witch out of its misery.
360 02/28/2007 5.0 4.8
Wonderfully unique, witty and downright entertaining, Bully is one of those rare gems that must not be missed if you love your PS2 or games in general
PS2 10/27/2006 9.0 8.7
You better have fast reflexes and good insurance for this Gamecube racer.
GC 06/30/2002 8.5 7.4
Burnout features the kind of on-the-edge-of-your-seat action that made movies like Speed a success.
XB 06/14/2002 8.5 7.3
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
Burnout 2 is one of the best arcade racers I’ve played in a while on any console … period.
GC 04/26/2003 9.0 8.5
Burnout 2: Point of Impact
As with the first game, Burnout 2 delivers an exciting experience that'll satisfy your needs for a fast and furious racer.
PS2 10/21/2002 8.5 8.7
Burnout 2: Point of Impact - Developer's Cut
Burnout 2 is an awesome racing game that rivals the best of arcade racers.
XB 05/22/2003 9.3 8.7
Burnout 3: Takedown
You know those movies with on-the-edge-of-your-seat car chase sequences?  Burnout 3 puts you in control of them.
PS2 09/13/2004 9.2 9.4
Burnout 3: Takedown
Burnout 3 leaves other arcade racers in the dust.
XB 09/20/2004 9.3 9.3
Burnout Dominator
Burnout: Dominator for the PSP is another solid entry to the Burnout series that fails to bring any exciting changes to the great series
PSP 04/02/2007 7.7 7.9
Burnout Dominator
An extension of the things that made Burnout 3 a success.
PS2 03/25/2007 8.2 7.6
Burnout Legends
Burnout Legends is one of the most addictive racing games you’ll find on the PSP this year and missing out on this one means you either hate your PSP or are allergic to fun.
PSP 12/12/2005 9.0 8.7
Burnout Revenge
Racing fans and 360 owners shouldn't miss out on the incredible experience that is Burnout Revenge
360 03/24/2006 9.0 8.8
Burnout Revenge
Racing is just the half of it
XB 10/03/2005 9.2 9.0
Burnout Revenge
The only racing series that doesn't burnout.
PS2 12/19/2005 9.1 9.1
Butt-Ugly Martians: B.K.M. Battles
A decent game for fans of shooters, but it may not offer much for the general audience, especially experienced gamers.
GBA 10/21/2002 7.0 6.5
Butt-Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom
Butt-Ugly Martians: Zoom or Doom looks good but lacks challenge and excitement
PS2 08/16/2003 5.8 4.5