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Dead Reefs
by DreamCatcher

GP Rating:

A great story can’t rescue this game from the clutches of the interface

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Game Name Sorted Ascending Platform Date Reviewed Review Rating Avg. Rating
Jack Attack 2
Jack Attack 2 is simple in concept, but scores high marks in family fun.
PC 12/28/2000 8.5 8.5
Jack the Ripper
Oh it's Jack alright, but more like Jack and Jill than Jack the Ripper
PC 02/10/2004 5.8 5.9
Jade Empire
Jade Empire is one of, if not the best RPG games ever to grace the XBox or any current generation console.
XB 04/11/2005 9.8 8.8
Jade Empire: Special Edition
No, this isn’t a reflection piece – Jade Empire has now landed in stores to the delight of all PC gamers almost two years later from its console counterpart
PC 03/26/2007 9.3 8.0
Jak 3
The end is the beginning is the end…..
PS2 11/18/2004 9.7 8.7
Jak II
Words cannot describe how awesome this game truly is!
PS2 10/25/2003 9.7 8.8
Jak X: Combat Racing
While not quite innovative, Jak X is one of the most varied racing/driving games ever made
PS2 10/17/2005 8.5 7.8
James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing
Everything or Nothing may not be Bond’s most shining moment as far as GBA games go, but there is still some fun to be had in this third-person action game.
GBA 12/04/2003 7.0 7.2
James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing
Step aside Connery, Moore, Dalton, and Lazenby, the real Bond is here to save the day
PS2 03/08/2004 9.2 8.6
James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing
Where do they come up with these titles?
XB 03/03/2004 8.9 8.2
James Bond 007 Everything or Nothing
It’s up to James Bond to save the world again in 007: Everything or Nothing.
GC 03/01/2004 9.0 8.6
James Bond 007 in Agent Under Fire
His name is Bond, James Bond and he makes his debut on the GameCube!
GC 04/08/2002 8.7 7.4
James Bond 007: NightFire
Nightfire has flaws aplenty but, regardless of the not-so-good graphics and poor controls, this is still a good first-person shooter that GBA gamers should definitely own. 
GBA 04/19/2003 7.0 6.7
James Bond 007: NightFire
"Spy devices, cool weapons, and beautiful women. What more could a secret agent ask for?"
PC 12/09/2002 8.9 6.4
James Bond 007: NightFire
007 Nightfire has some great elements, but ultimately falls short of greatness of the account of its length.
GC 12/10/2002 8.0 7.9
James Bond 007: NightFire
With an excellent story, exciting action sequences and excellent multiplayer games, 007: Nightfire is jolly good fun.
PS2 12/05/2002 8.3 7.9
James Bond 007: NightFire
Bond’s latest adventure is a solid title that could very well be worth checking out.
XB 12/15/2002 8.0 7.6
James Cameron's Dark Angel
Plenty of cool fighting moves aren’t enough to save Dark Angel from its repetitious and boring cycle of fights and unoriginal design. 
XB 12/08/2002 5.0 4.9
James Cameron's Dark Angel
This game is not an angel!
PS2 12/08/2002 5.1 4.9
Jane's Attack Squadron
"JAS might appeal to those committed to the genre, but those looking for flashy graphics may be a little disappointed."
PC 04/23/2002 6.5 5.5
JAWS Unleashed
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water…
PS2 06/12/2006 4.5 4.9
JAWS Unleashed
Terrorize Amity Isle in Jaws Unleashed
XB 06/12/2006 6.9 5.0
Jazz and Faust
A game you have to play twice, Jazz and Faust comes equipped with instant replay value.
PC 07/07/2002 8.0 5.5
Jeremy McGrath Supercross World
This game asks the question, "Why should anyone pay $50 to be frustrated?"
GC 03/24/2002 6.0 4.9
Jet Grind Radio
Jet Grind Radio is a faithful, surprisingly fun remake of the original Dreamcast title, for the GBA
GBA 07/18/2003 8.5 7.9
Jet Li Rise to Honor
Close, but no Black Mask.
PS2 02/20/2004 6.4 6.7
Jet X2O
Out of the lake and into your living room, Jet X2O comes splashing your way!
PS2 11/06/2002 8.0 6.5
Jimmy Neutron Jet Fusion
This is the version that Jimmy Neutron fans should get.
GBA 10/14/2003 6.9 6.2
Jimmy Neutron vs. Jimmy Negatron
Jimmy must save the universe and restore order, if he survives to do the job.
GBA 11/24/2002 6.5 6.3
Joint Operations: Typhoon Rising
A Military FPS focused on online play with support for up to 150 player maps and no subscription fee! Finally a MOFPS Done Right!
PC 06/25/2004 8.8 8.4
Joint Task Force
Casual RTS gaming at its finest
PC 09/18/2006 8.3 6.1
Journey to the Center of the Earth
Frogwares has put together an adventure that offers a fun story plot, engaging puzzles and interesting dialogue.
PC 11/19/2003 7.0 6.6
JSRF - Jet Set Radio Future
If this game charged by the inch you would be expected to drop a cool million on it
XB 04/14/2002 8.4 8.5
Racing games are a little repetitive, and Juiced is no exception.
PS2 08/08/2005 6.5 6.9
Speeding is in your blood
XB 07/05/2005 7.4 7.0
Juiced: Eliminator
Considering the fact that there are better racing games on the PSP, Juiced: Eliminator makes a worthy effort but is ultimately bogged down by its atrocious controls
PSP 07/25/2006 6.5 5.9
Juka and the Monophonic Menace
Juka stands out in the crowded GBA market by being one of the few original games available for the handheld.
GBA 11/08/2006 7.7 7.1
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis plays as good as the top PC sim games, and will have you engrossed in prehistoric history-making for hours.
PS2 03/30/2003 8.0 6.7
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
If you built it, they will come... then maybe run away screaming for their lives.
XB 04/14/2003 7.5 6.9
Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis
So … think you can build and manage Jurassic Park better than John Hammond did?
PC 03/28/2003 6.3 7.1
Just Cause
Igniting a revolution…just cause
XB 10/23/2006 7.5 7.7
Just Cause
An expansion of the Grand Theft Auto formula, Just Cause takes you by land, air, sea, and everywhere in between
360 10/09/2006 7.9 7.3
Justice League Heroes
In the end, Justice League Heroes for the Nintendo DS just disappoints on so many levels, particularly making each hero’s power fun to use
NDS 11/03/2006 6.0 5.1
Justice League Heroes
While its dungeon crawler roots make for a slightly repetitive action game, Justice League Heroes is packed with all the right goodies to make this a fun new series with a lot to offer
PS2 10/30/2006 7.5 6.8
Justice League Heroes
It's not a good day to be a bad guy when these heroes come to town
PSP 12/19/2006 8.1 6.9
Justice League Heroes
Justice League Heroes is far from perfect thanks to its somewhat repetitive battles, but with a fun cast, a great story and a handful of excellent villains, this is the game comic book fans will enjoy
XB 11/03/2006 7.7 6.9
Justice League: Chronicles
Play through three TV episodes as some of DC comic’s finest.
GBA 11/28/2003 6.5 4.4
Justice League: Injustice For All
With powers far beyond those of mortal men, you must fight and think your way to success. The world is counting on you.
GBA 12/10/2002 7.0 4.9