Resident Evil 4

Publisher: Capcom Entertainment

Developer: Capcom Entertainment


Category: Action

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N Amer - 06/19/2007

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Zombie Action is Reborn in Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition
Capcom today announced that Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition for the Wii video game system from Nintendo has shipped to retail stores across North America

Capcom Unleashes a Zombie Horde on the Wii
Flailing Zombies Meet Motion-Sensitive Controls in Two New Resident Evil Games


Resident Evil® 4 is one of the highest rated games on Game and, garnering dozens of awards and nominations for its amazing game play and incredible re-invention of the “survival-horror” genre. This celebrated game now comes to the Wii with added Wii Remote and Nunchuck™ support, allowing players to immerse themselves in the game as never before. With RE4 Wii Edition, Capcom is offering new and more immersive sense of control to players, while keeping all of the game’s incredible game systems intact. As Leon Kennedy, players will explore a town overrun by cultists, mutants and mind-controlled villagers, using the Wii Remote to aim, fire, slash and avoid oncoming adversaries with intuitive motions and movements. RE4 Wii Edition will also contain the additional content included in the PlayStation® 2 computer entertainment system version of the game.


  • Wii-mote Action! – Moving the Wii-mote allows players to aim weapons, slash with the knife, control action sequences and much more.
  • Award-winning gameplay –RE4 has won multiple Game of the Year awards.
  • Unsurpassed Visuals – Resident Evil 4 features breathtaking 3D graphics and effects!
  • Behind the Camera View – Camera follows you from behind and allows for intuitive movement.
  • Advanced AI – Enemies use their cunning abilities to team up and attack the player en mass.
  • “Separate Ways” – Play as Ada Wong in five new chapters that reveal startling insight into the original storyline!
  • Supports true 16:9 widescreen and Dolby Pro Logic II.

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Reviewer: Aceinet

Review Date: 07/06/2007

Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition proves that great games can still be great regardless of the platform or changes in the controls

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