Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

Publisher: Nintendo

Developer: Retro


# of Players: 1

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer - 08/27/2007

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If you think you knew what it felt like to be the bounty hunter behind the visor, think again. Take aim at evil with Nintendo’s revolutionary controller.

  • Players control Samus by moving with the Nunchuk controller and aiming with the pointer, allowing for a level of immersion unlike anything they have ever experienced. Through the eyes of Samus, players experience a quantum leap in first-person control as they wield the Wii Remote, the ultimate device for the first-person shooter genre.
  • Samus will employ well-known power-ups like the Grapple Beam and Morph Ball, as well as a bunch of new surprises, to help her survive her coming trials.

Hardware Requirements

Wii Remote and Nunchuk Controller

GamingPolo's Review/Preview

GP Preview:

Louis Bedigian - 05/15/2006

The premiere Wii FPS

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