Resident Evil 4

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N Amer - 06/19/2007

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Resident Evil 4 Review

The Resident Evil franchise has been a favorite of mine for years. I always enjoyed the thrilling survival horror setup that had you jumping with every creak or noise in the game. I have played every release of the main series starting with the first game on the PS1 all the way to RE4 for the Gamecube. My favorite in the series has always been Code Veronica for the Dreamcast but I have to say that RE 4 is a close second.  Resident Evil 4 re-invented the franchise by changing how the series played with completely overhauled controls. But the series had the wherewithal to make the game even scarier and riveting than the previous versions.

If anyone has been living under a rock for the past two years then you missed out on a great game. Each version of the game released, either on GameCube or PlayStation 2, was rated in the high 9’s by GamingPolo. Check out the reviews of both games here: and For Wii owners what do you get in a game that was originally released over two years ago? Has the game been improved, degraded, butchered, marginalized or simply just ported to the white hot system as a quick cash grab?


The Wii version could be described as the ultimate port for several reasons. One is the game includes all of the special features that were included in the PS2 version. Second is the game is not being released as a full price release. Instead we get a very consumer friendly price point that should make the purchase easier to swallow regardless if you’ve already owned either the GC or PS2 version. Third is the fact that the revised controls made possible by the Wii’s motion sensor controllers help to improve the gameplay. The last reason you can call RE4 Wii Edition the ultimate port is because the game is still so good even two years later.


The biggest difference between the GC and PS2 version is, of course, the controls. The motion sensing controllers almost helps to completely recharge the gameplay of RE4. Attacking in the game is now much easier and more accurate than in the previous versions. Shooting is now performed by holding down the B button on the Wii Remote and then aiming your weapon by pointing to a spot on the screen. The on-screen target reticule will turn red when you have a lock on an enemy or object in the game. Reloading is done by holding down the B button and simply waving the Wii Remote.


Knife attacks are even easier now in the Wii version. You hold down the C button on the Nunchuk and wave the Wii Remote to perform a Knife attack. A quick knife attack is even easier to perform since you only have to wave the Wii Remote and the knife comes out slashing. A few of the Action Button sequences from the previous version have been updated with the motion sensor controls. Usually these sequences involve just waving the Wii Remote while other Action Button segments still have you pressing buttons at a specific time.

All of these changes might sound meaningless to hardcore RE4 veterans but I say don’t knock until you try it. I found myself actually enjoying the game even more now with the Wii controls instead of a regular controller. I was more accurate in shooting which helped me out in many tight situations. The easier-to-pull-off knife attacks also helped me to make it out alive during certain fights. The action sequences somehow seem more significant now with the Wii Remote. Yes, you’re simply just waving the controller but it just works and it feels right.

For anyone that is sitting on the fence wondering if RE4 Wii Edition is the game for you I say you need to decide how you fit into two categories:

  • Have you played the game before or is RE4 completely new to you?

  • If RE4 has never been part of your gaming library before then diving into the Wii version is a no-brainer.

This is a great game that is still a great game even if its two years old. You will jump out of your seat, scream like a baby and thrust your fist in excitement at many parts of the game. Even though the game is a sequel RE4’s story is really a self-contained story that doesn’t need any prior RE knowledge to understand.

For the rest of you that have played a previous version of the game I say you need to ask yourself a couple of questions. First question is did you actually finish the previous version? If you left the game unfinished and no longer have the game because you traded it in (or the system) then the Wii version shouldn’t be missed. The second question is are you a hardcore RE4 freak? If you went through the game several times then the Wii version might be a tough choice. Besides the controls nothing else has been changed to the game which you have already seen. 

Review Scoring Details for Resident Evil 4

Gameplay: 9.5
The Wii controls help in making a two-year-old game playable all over again. Attacking has become a much easier task especially with the gun combat. Movement can still feel a little clunky at times, especially when you’re trying to escape from horde of characters close to you.

Graphics: 9.0
Even if the game is two years old this is still one of the best looking Wii games available. The entire game is presented in a wide screen format so for HDTV owners this is a nice feature.

Sound: 8.8
One great part of the sound effects and music in the game is the above average voice acting. RE4 almost makes you forget the laughable voice acting of the earlier RE games. All of the music and sound effects in the game do a fantastic job of setting a creepy/eerie atmosphere.

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
I guess I forgot just how tough Resident Evil 4 was since it came out two years ago. The enemies in the game can be completely relentless at times, which keeps you on your toes during the entire game.

Concept: 8.5
Real easy concept for the game since this is a port of a game previously released on two other consoles. Thankfully the controls have been optimized for the Wii’s motion sensors which add a breath of fresh air to the game.

Overall: 9.0
Resident Evil has never played better than it does with Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition. Owners of the Wii that have never played RE4 before should make this game an instant purchase. Veterans of the series that have already played RE4 might want to take another look with the Wii version.

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Resident Evil 4 Wii Edition proves that great games can still be great regardless of the platform or changes in the controls

Reviewer: Aceinet

Review Date: 07/06/2007

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