Vampire Rain

Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

Publisher 2: AQ Interactive

Developer: Artoon


Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer - 07/03/2007

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“Project Sylpheed” and “Vampire Rain” Blast onto Xbox LIVE Marketplace With New Downloadable Content
Exciting new downloadable content offers new missions and bonus levels for free

New Walkthrough Video for Vampire Rain
Free the world from terror this Fourth of July as “Vampire Rain” for Xbox 360 ships to retailers beginning on July 3

Vampire Rain Brings Horror Online via Xbox LIVE
In a city soaked in darkness, rain and terror, survival and victory are one in the same

Microsoft Brings the Rain
Vampire Rain for Xbox 360 goes gold, unleashing an assault on Nightwalkers everywhere with the launch of the game’s official website, Fan Site Kit and new trailer

Project Sylpheed and Vampire Rain Set to Conquer Summer Boredom on Xbox 360
Gamers fearing the usual summer slump can rest at ease as Microsoft prepares to release two different, yet equally captivating titles in North America for Xbox 360


In addition to non-stop space action, gamers can embark on a pulse-pounding mission in “Vampire Rain,” leading a highly-trained black-ops unit on a secret mission to eliminate the deadliest supernatural enemies ever faced: the intensely fast and super agile Nightwalkers. Players must traverse all areas of an eerie and rain soaked city by moving across rooftops and through back alleys, avoiding detection to ensure the best strategic use of high-tech weaponry. “Vampire Rain” combines stealth, survival horror and shooter aspects of several classic games to bring an intense and hair-raising experience that can be enjoyed alone or with friends over Xbox LIVE ®. Who can keep their cool under the heat of the dog days with Nightwalkers in hot pursuit?

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Reviewer: Mike David

Review Date: 07/20/2007

Highly skilled black ops unit squares off against the undead in an action game that may just make you so irate you will throw your controller in disgust

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GP Preview:

Steven Hopper - 06/27/2007

Splinter Cell and Vampires included. Just add water!

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