Wing Commander Arena

Publisher: EA Games

Developer: Gaia Industries


# of Players: 1-16

Category: Simulation

Release Dates

Xbox Live Arcade - 07/25/2007

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EA to Launch Wing Commander Arena onto Xbox Live Arcade
Legendary Game Franchise Delivers 16-Player Online Space Combat


Wing Commander Arena is a fast-paced space combat game where players can team up to attack other teams of ships. The game introduces the classic franchise to an arcade-style experience that allows up to 16 players online in battle at once. Players can propel their customized ship through space, fire torpedoes and unleash deadly gravity bombs as they try to climb the leader board. Online players will compete for Frag count, high score and dueling stats.

Wing Commander Arena will feature four styles of play: single player, multi-team, multi-player free for all and multi-player duel. Within the game there are eight game maps that include team maps, free for all maps and dueling maps, so Wing Commander Arena offers a gameplay experience for every Arcade gamer, whether they want a quick ten minutes of action or a longer more immersive game.


  • The first 16-player game on Xbox Live Arcade
  • Form your squad then hunt down and destroy enemy armadas
  • Four game modes: single player, plus multiplayer Team, Free for All, and Duel
  • Eight game maps set in the outer reaches of space
  • Track your progress as you climb single- and multiplayer leaderboards
  • Blast away and earn new Xbox Live achievements

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