Bomberman Live

Publisher: Hudson Entertainment


# of Players: 1-8

Category: Action

Release Dates

Xbox Live Arcade - 07/18/2007

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Bomberman Live Takes the Series Back to its Multiplayer-Driven Roots
“Ongoing stat tracking, tournaments, and finals. That sort of vision is the first step we're taking with Xbox Live.”


Bomberman is Back and Better Than Ever – Play “Bomberman Live” for Xbox LIVE Arcade
The award winning franchise, “Bomberman,” is going Live!

Bomberman Explodes onto Xbox Live Arcade!
Hudson announced that they are releasing the all-new Bomberman Live


Fans can now compete with the best Bomberman players worldwide, as Bomberman Live delivers frantic 8-player online. Fans can also play with their friends in 4-player local action on one system. In addition, Bomberman Live features new character customizations, which allow players to personalize their Bomberman from 10,000 possible combinations. Bomberman Live offers gamers the chance to finally prove that they're the best Bomberman player in the world.


Fun-filled online play: Up to eight players can compete online in a single arena. Choose from any of eight all new arenas and start dropping your bombs, kick fiery surprises across the arena, and send your enemies to their doom.

Tournament play: Ongoing tournaments will allow you to compete globally to determine who's the best Bomberman of all.

Your own personal Bomberman: Each Bomberman can have a custom head or hat, facial expressions and features, and a costume. There are over 10,000 custom possibilities, so you may never see another Bomberman exactly like yours!

Classic gameplay updated: One of the greatest game series of all time comes to Xbox LIVE Arcade. Take control of your customized Bomberman and use your bombs to knock out your opponents, discover upgrades, and dominate the arena.


Bomberman Live” will be available worldwide for 800 Microsoft Points

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Reviewer: Michael Knutson

Review Date: 07/23/2007

Bomberman is back with a vengeance

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