Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive

Developer: REDTRIBE

ESRB: E10+

Category: Action

Release Dates

N Amer - 09/18/2007

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E3 2007 Preview

An evil mad scientist, one familiar to Looney Tunes fans, has a long-standing hatred of Bugs Bunny and friends. Every attempt he has made to make short work of the cast of characters has been foiled. So, like any good evil genius, he invents time travel and heads to the past to eradicate the ancestors of the Looney Tunes.

Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal reinvents the franchise, but not in a manner that takes the cast and characters away from their roots. Rather, aside from a few graphical tweaks, this is a property that is very true to the roots of the cartoon franchise. Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment showed it off during the E3 Media & Business Summit in Santa Monica.

The game sports seven playable characters, all from the classic cartoons, but the characters have been changed just a bit to have a little edginess to them. Daffy, for example, is a little leaner, and his bill is a touch bigger. Plus, the characters are all rendered out in three dimensions, which the dev team referred to as “Pixar-esque.” The look was actually created by Warner Bros. Animation for the game. And while the massive Looney Tunes library was available and used, in many cases, the voice work is fresh.

There are two selectable characters per level, 20 weapons available, three vehicle levels and arena gameplay. The arena modes are in addition to 8-10 hours of gameplay. The 360 version, demonstrated, will have co-op mode in split screen and online. The arena mode is for up to four players and has game types based on the capture-the-flag mode.

The 360 version, the one shown, will sport high-def graphics with the bots the evil genius sends after the heroes level themed. But the environments all carry the themes as well with the color palettes. For example, a World War I environment, will sport sepia tones, as though seen through photographs or old film stock. And because the characters are going back in time, the dev team was given the license to create characters to coincide with the characters and the time period. You will encounter the Tasmanian Devils grandfather, or Foghorn Leghorn’s egg-bound ancestor.

The game has some asides that add to the humor and generally is geared to appeal to both younger gamers as well as the more veteran player who is familiar with the cartoon franchise. It was delightful to see these characters come to life in a manner that was close to the memories created so long ago on Saturday mornings. 

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Looney Tunes: ACME Arsenal is true to the cartoon franchise with some nice gameplay elements tossed in

Reviewer: Michael Lafferty

Review Date: 07/15/2007

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