Publisher: Midway

Developer: Midway Studios - Austin

Category: Action

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N Amer - 09/03/2007

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E3 2007 Preview

When we last saw BlackSite: Area 51, we were in the sleepy town of Rachel, Nevada, where an alien scourge had just hit and was destroying the land and killing the population. Now, at E3 2007, Midway is showcasing the latest build of the game, showing off some new areas and gameplay elements. Area 51: BlackSite will offer plenty of bang for your buck, and should be one of the most action packed experiences you’ll find this fall.

Some more details on BlackSite’s storyline have been revealed at this year’s E3 event. The game will pull elements from current events, including 9/11, Guantanamo Bay and the war in Iraq. Your soldier was a former assassin in Iraq, setting the stage for his preparation with the alien menace that is currently attacking the Earth in BlackSite: Area 51.

BlackSite: Area 51 Xbox 360 screenshots

The new areas showcased by the team at Midway where the “Little Aleinn”, an apparently real bed and breakfast close to the real-life Area 51 and Topside. At the Little Aleinn, we were able to get a feel for the game’s destructible environments, built with some help from the team currently behind the environments in Stranglehold. Cover would chip away under enemy fire, objects would break and explode realistically, and so on.

The Topside level showed the game’s use of vehicles and turrents. In this stage, you were on a helicopter with a turrent gun, shooting aliens on a desert highway. Worm creatures would pop out of the ground to try to pull down the helicopter, only to get blown away, as would the enemy soldiers in Hummvees. The boss of this stage was a gigantic tentacled creature seemingly growing out of a highway bridge. The size of the creature was pretty impressive, as were its efforts to bring down you and the helicopter.

BlackSite: Area 51 will also feature a two-player co-op mode on top of traditional online modes and use the Unreal Engine 3 and Havok physics engine. Look for it to release later this fall.

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Midway’s sci-fi shooter provides thrills in the desert.

Reviewer: Steven Hopper

Review Date: 07/12/2007

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