July 23, 2007

Win Every Wing Commander Game on Every Platform (Hardware Included + Xbox360Elite)

What’s better than being frozen in space-time with Freddie Prinze Jr. and Matthew Lillard? Lots of things, including Wing Commander Arena’s latest sweepstakes. In celebration of the upcoming release of Wing Commander Arena for Xbox Live Arcade, EA is offering you a chance to win a copy of every Wing Commander game on every platform it was ever released on ever… except for one or two that were really hard to find. “Why should I care?” You might be saying to this email from the void. Well, in the fine words of Mr. Prinze Jr:

“Emotion is what separates us from the Kilrathi.”

“Wait a second,” you may interject, “I threw out my Panasonic 3DO last week! How can I play these exciting games?!” You’re in luck. We are also giving away the hardware to play these games, so hop on board the Tiger’s Claw Maniac, Wing Commander is back!

One lucky winner will receive

Grand Prize:

Xbox 360 Elite Hardware

  • Wing Commander + 11,200 Microsoft Points

Gateway Pentium I Computer Hardware with Win95 (3.5 Floppy, CD ROM)

  • Copy of Wing Commander Original Software
  • Copy of WC: PRIVATEER
  • Copy of WC: Armada
  • Copy of WC: Academy
  • Copy of WC: Prophecy
  • Copy of WC: Secret Ops
  • Copy of WC: Deluxe
  • Copy of Wing Commander II
  • Copy of Wing Commander III
  • Copy of Wing Commander IV

Super NES Hardware

  • Copy of Wing Commander Secret Missions
  • Copy of Wing Commander IV

Sega CD Hardware

  • Copy of Wing Commander

3DO Hardware

  • Copy of Super Wing Commander
  • Copy of Wing Commander III
  • Gameboy Advance Hardware
  • Copy of Wind Commander Prophecy

Playstation Hardware

  • Copy of Wing Commander III
  • Copy of Wing Commader IV

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